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In 2009, QEM Network received a three-year award from the National Science Foundation (NSF)'s Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS) Directorate to conduct annual workshops to broaden the participation of faculty from minority-serving institutions (MSIs) in the Directorate’s Chemistry (CHE) Division programs. MPS is comprised of the Divisions of Astronomical Sciences, Chemistry, Materials Research, Mathematical Sciences, Physics, and the Office of Multidisciplinary Activities. These divisions provide the basic structure for MPS support for both disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and education activities.

QEM Workshops for Chemistry Faculty of the 21st Century are using proven strategies to enhance the participation of chemistry faculty at MSIs in research supported by the NSF. QEM workshops provide technical assistance to help participants develop competitive proposals for support from programs in the Chemistry Division. The workshops are intentionally small and involve participants in small group sessions led by QEM consultants with extensive teaching and research experience at MSIs as well as service on NSF proposal review panels.

The overall goal is to cultivate research-active faculty at these institutions -- institutions that are responsible for the training of significant numbers of baccalaureate students from groups that have been underrepresented in the sciences, including Chemistry. The objective is to create a critical mass of research-active faculty at these institutions to guarantee that graduates from these institutions receive excellent training in chemical research.

Beginning in 2012, proposal submission deadlines for CHE programs that do not indicate a specific submission deadline will be in either September or October. Between September 1 and September 30, proposals for the following programs will be accepted: Chemical Catalysis (CAT), Chemical Structure, Dynamics and Mechanisms (CDSM), Chemical Theory, Models and Computational Methods (CTMC), and Chemical Synthesis (SYN). Proposals may be submitted to the following programs between October 1 and October 31:  Chemical Measurement and Imaging (CMI), Chemistry of Life Processes (CLP), Environmental Chemical Sciences (ECS), and Macromolecular, Supramolecular and Nanochemistry (MSN).


Memphis, TN
January 25-26, 2013
New Orleans, LA
January 13-14, 2012
Baltimore, MD
January 14-15, 2011