Quality Education for Minorities (QEM) Network

Computational Linguistics Information Sharing/Gathering Workshop
Sheraton Albuquerque Airport Hotel •  2910 Yale Boulevard SE, Albuquerque, NM

Friday and Saturday, February, 17-18, 2017


Purpose: This workshop will focus on involving, training, and mentoring Native American students in documenting their Native/Tribal languages through the use of technology-enabled, computation-based tools and techniques. Teams will collaborate, discuss their interests/ideas, and decide on technology-focused language projects to undertake upon return to their respective campuses.

FRIDAY, February 17


  8:00      Registration Opens                                                                                                       Foyer A
  8:30      Continental Breakfast and Student Survey
  9:00      Opening Plenary:                                                                                             Grand Quivera I
                 Opening Prayer    
                       Michael Wassegijig Price
                               Faculty, Indigenous Studies Department, Bemidji State University,
                               Cultural Knowledge Specialist, QEM TCUP LDI Fellow and Consultant

               - Welcome and Review of Workshop Purpose, Packet, and Agenda
               - About the QEM TCUP and TCUP EAGER Projects
                        Laura-Lee Davidson
                               Associate, QEM Network

  9:30      Culture and Community – “Native Ways of Knowing, Being, Doing”
               - Importance of Language Preservation in Native American Communities
                       Session Leader: Andrea Ramon
                              Consultant, O'odhamkaj! "Indigenize It!" and
                              Adjunct Instructor, Language, Culture, and History
                              Tohono O'odham Community College and QEM Consultant

10:30      Break                                                                                                                                        Foyer A

10:45      Culture and Community – continued                                    (INTERACTIVE)
                - About your campus and tribal communities: language activities and challenges faced
                - About Linquistics (the study of language –-- and the Inclusion of Culture
                          Andrea Ramon, QEM Consultant

12:00      Working Lunch:  Role of Linguistics in Language Revitalization                        Grand Quivera II
               The Ojibwe Language Preservation Project
                         Michael W. Price, Project Director (former) and QEM Consultant

               Talking Circle
                         Faculty Team Leads share their knowledge of Language-focused Projects and/or
                         Strategies to integrate Culture into the STEM Curriculum

1:15       Break

1:30      Plenary Session:                                                                                               Grand Quivera I
              A Look at Computer-Assisted Language Learning: Tools and Techniques
               (On-line tour of language preservation websites that integrate computing)
                       Laura-Lee Davidson, QEM Network

2:00      “Training the Next Generation of Navajo Language Scientists”
                (a NSF Documenting Endangered Languages (DEL) Project)
                        Wesley K Thomas, Interim Provost, Graduate Dean, and
                                Project Principal Investigator (PI)
                                Navajo Technical University

 2:45      Break                                                                                                                                        Foyer A

 3:00      Special Session:  Applications of "Computational Linguistics"
               (Using technology to support Natural language understanding and Knowledge processing)

               - NAVCaR Rovers Project Overview and Demo (by SIPI Team)
                         Nader Vadie, Faculty, Advanced Technical Education
                               Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI)
                        Russ Fisher-Ives, President/Founder
                        Tom Grzybowski, Encore Fellow
                                Inquiry Facilitators, Inc.  (RoboRAVE International)

               - A Look at Computer-Assisted Language Learning (Part two)
                (On-line tour of language knowledge system websites integrating computing)

  4:00      Group Discussion:
               Involving Students in Undergraduate Research and STEM
                        Moderator: Ivory Toldson
                               President and CEO, QEM Network

                       - Team-building                      - Mentoring (faculty and peer) 
                       - Effective Strategies to support student Leadership and Academic Development
               QEM Student Summer Hands-on Research Opportunities
                       -   QEM/NSF INCLUDES Design & Development Launch Pilot (DDL&P) Project
                                  in Partnership with HBCUs and TCUs
                       -   QEM Summer Student Internships at NSF

  4:45      Break

  5:15      Working Dinner                                                                                                   Grand Quivera II

               - Review of the Student Individual Development Plan (IDP) 
                       Laura-Lee Davidson, QEM Network

               - Institutional Team Planning Meetings/ Networking with other Teams
                        Teams Discuss EAGER Project Ideas and Draft IDPs

  6:30      Adjournment, Day One

SATURDAY, February 18

 8:30      Breakfast Buffet                                                                                                            Foyer A

 9:00      Plenary Session:                                                                                               Grand Quivera I
               - Review of Day One and Overview of Day Two
                        Ivory Toldson, QEM Network

               - Integration of Technology into Teaching and Learning (overview of strategies)
                        Jason Arviso, Director of Information Technology and QEM TCUP LDI Fellow
                                Navajo Technical University

              Talking Circle
                        Teams share Ideas for their campus-based language Projects; and
                        Identify languages of interest and potential partners/joint activities          

10:00      Concurrent Breakout Sessions:
                      Developing Teams’ Computational Linguistics Research Project Outlines and Training Plans

               1)      Faculty Leads/Mentors:                                                                           Grand Quivera I
                        - Project Planning/Management and Team-building Tips
                        - Drafting your project research plan (Outline) incl. technical assistance needs
                        - Communications Schedule/Plan
                        - Funding Opportunities in Language Preservation and Revitalization
                                 at the National Science Foundation (NSF TCUP and DEL Solicitations)
                        Session Leaders: 
                         Ivory Toldson, QEM Network and Michael Price, QEM Consultant

               2)     Students:                                                                                                    Grand Quivera II
                       - Student Leadership and IT Skills Development(Python Course)
                       - Building a Successful team (shared roles/responsibilities)
                       - Effective Community Outreach and Information Collection Techniques
                       - Drafting your IDP
                        Session Leaders: 
                        Laura-Lee Davidson, QEM Network and Andrea Ramon, QEM Consultant
                        Jason Arviso, QEM Consultant


12:00      Working Lunch:                                                                                                Grand Quivera II
               Teams complete drafts of IDPS and Project Plan Outlines

  1:30      Closing Plenary (Talking Circle):                                                                      Grand Quivera I
               Teams describe their Next Steps
                        Faculty Present Campus-based Project Plans (Outlines)
                        Students Share Highlights of Next Steps to be Taken (IDP activities)

               QEM Project Communication and Information Dissemination Schedule
                       Laura-Lee Davidson and Ivory Toldson, QEM Network

               Workshop Reflections and Closing Comments
                        Institutional Teams and Consultants

  2:30      Closing Prayer and Adjournment