Proposal Development Workshop for the National Science Foundation (NSF)’s
Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program and Research Initiation Awards (RIA) Strand of the
Historically Black Colleges and Universities-Undergraduate Program (HBCU-UP)

Hilton Baltimore BWI Airport, 1739 West Nursery Road, Linthicum Heights, MD

June 24-25, 2016




  8:30         Registration and Continental Breakfast                                                  Concourse A Foyer

  9:00         Opening Plenary:                                                                                            Concourse A

                  Welcome, Introductions, Review of Workshop Purposes and Packet
                          Costello Brown, Former Dean of Graduate Studies and Research and
                               Professor of Chemistry (retired), California State University-Los Angeles,
                               and QEM Consultant

  9:15         Overview of the National Science Foundation (NSF)
                        Randy Phelps, Staff Associate, Office of Integrative Activities  (OIA)
                              Office of the Director, National Science Foundation

                        Claudia Rankins, Program Director, Historically Black Colleges and
                                Universities–Undergraduate Program (HBCU-UP),
                                Division of Human Resource Development (HRD),
                                Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR), NSF

  9:45         NSF’s Merit Review Criteria and Proposal Review Process
                         Costello Brown, QEM Consultant

10:15         Break                                                                                                      Concourse A Foyer

10:30         Program-Focused Breakout Sessions

                  MRI Session:                                                                                                    Concourse A
                  - Overview of NSF’s Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program
                  - Specific Review Criteria for MRI Proposals
                  - Strengths/Weaknesses of Funded/ Non-funded MRI Proposals
                  - Establishing the Need for Major Research Instrumentation
                          Randy Phelps, NSF

                  RIA Session:                                                                                                              Heathrow
                  - Overview of HBCU-UP Research Initiation Awards (RIA) Strand
                  - Specific Review Criteria for RIA Proposals
                  - Strengths/Weaknesses of Funded/ Non-funded RIA Proposals
                          Claudia Rankins, NSF


12:00         Luncheon Plenary Session;                                                                             Concourse A
                  Faculty Research Experiences at NSF-funded Research Centers.
                  National Laboratories, and Research-Intensive Institutions
                          Moderator: Althea Burns, Associate, QEM Network
                          -Natalie Arnett, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Fisk University
                               2011 RIA and 2015 CAREER Award recipient, and QEM Consultant
                          -Elham Fini, Associate Professor, Systems Engineering, North Carolina A&T
                                State University, 2012 CAREER Award recipient, and QEM Consultant
                          -Clay Gloster, Jr., Professor and Chair, Computer Systems Technology
                               North Carolina A&T State University, and QEM Consultant


  1:30         Program-Focused Breakout Sessions continue
                  MRI Session: Preparation of the Proposal Narrative, Budget, and Timeline        Concourse A
                         Fitzgerald Bramwell, Former Dean and Professor of Chemistry,
                                College of Arts and Sciences, Tuskegee University, and QEM Consultant

                  RIA Session: Preparation of the Proposal Narrative, Budget, and Timeline               Heathrow
                          Casonya Johnson, Associate Professor, Department of Biology,
                                 Georgia State University, and QEM Consultant

  2:30         Discipline-focused Breakout Sessions               (See Assignment Sheet)
                  Session Focus: Initial Discussion of Project Summaries, Timelines, and Budgets
                 -Biological Sciences                                                                                 (Heathrow)
                         Casonya Johnson and Costello Brown, QEM Consultants
                 -Chemistry and Physics                                                                           (Concourse A – front)
                          Natalie Arnett and Fitzgerald Bramwell, QEM Consultants
                 -Computer & Information Sciences & Engineering/Mathematics            (Concourse A – back)
                          Clay Gloster, Jr., QEM Consultant
                 -Engineering                                                                                             (Santos Dumont)
                           Elham Fini, QEM Consultant

  3:45         Break                                                                                                     Concourse A Foyer

  4:00         Discipline-focused Breakout Sessions continue  (in same locations)

  5:30         Plenary Session: Integrating Research into Teaching                                      Concourse A
                          Natalie Arnett, QEM Consultant

  6:00         Dinner Plenary:                                                                                                Concourse A
                  Promotion and Tenure - Sharing Successes and Challenges
                  Opening Remarks:
                       Fitzgerald Bramwell and Casonya Johnson, QEM Consultants
                  Table Discussions (participants share their experiences)

  7:00         Adjournment

                  Overnight Assignment:  Participants revise their one-page project summaries, 
                                                        and draft their project timelines and budget



  7:45         Buffet Breakfast                                                                                     Concourse A Foyer

  8:30         Plenary Session:
                  Enhancing Research Training with MRI/RIA Support                                       Concourse A
                        -Involving Undergraduate Students in MRI/RIA-funded Research
                               Casonya Johnson, QEM Consultant
                        -Nurturing/Sustaining Campus Support for Undergraduate Research Participation   
                               Clay Gloster, Jr., QEM Consultant              

  9:15         Mentoring in STEM Research
                        - Preparing Research Mentoring Plans for Students Engaged in Research
                              Natalie Arnett, QEM Consultant
                        - Suggestions for Consideration when Seeking a Research Mentor
                              Costello Brown, QEM Consultant

10:00               Break                                                                                               Concourse A Foyer

10:15         Preparing Evaluation, Project Management, and                                             Concourse A
                  Data Management Plans for Your MRI/RIA Projects
                              Elham Fini, QEM Consultant

11:00         Discipline-focused Breakout Groups Resume (same locations as Day One)
                  Session Focus: Discussion of Revised Project Summaries, Timelines, Budget,
                                         Management Plans, and Project Evaluation
                  -Biological Sciences                                                                                   (Heathrow)
                  -Chemistry and Physics                                                                             (Concourse A – front)
                  -Computer & Information Sciences & Engineering/Mathematics             (Concourse A – back)
                  -Engineering                                                                                              (Santos Dumont)


12:30         Working Lunch:                                                                                                Concourse A
                  Establishing and Cultivating Research Collaborations
                  Speaker: Victor McCrary, Vice President of Research and
                                Economic Development, Morgan State University

  1:45         Closing Comments and Discussion of Next Steps for MRI and RIA Submissions
                        NSF Program Officers, QEM Consultants, and QEM Staff

  2:00         Using NSF’s FastLane and Grants.gov for Submitting                                     Concourse A
                  Proposals and Required Reports
                        Evelyn Baisey-Thomas, Computer and Information Specialist
                              Office of Information and Resource Management, NSF (retired),
                              and QEM Consultant

  3:30         Adjournment