Quality Education for Minorities (QEM) Network
Workshop to Broaden Participation and Increase the Competitiveness of
Minority-serving Institutions (MSIs) in the NSF Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

Hilton Baltimore at BWI Airport, Linthicum Heights, MD 21090
June 9-10, 2017

Purpose: To provide information and general guidance to MSI faculty teams who plan to prepare
and submit FY2017 NOYCE proposals

FRIDAY, June 9
8:30       Registration and Continental Breakfast                                                                     outside Concourse C
9:00       Opening Plenary Session:                                                                                         Concourse C/D
              -Introductions and Review of Workshop Purpose, Agenda, and Packet
                    Ivory Toldson, QEM President & CEO

9:15       -Overview of the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program
              -Strengths and Weaknesses in Funded/Non-funded Noyce Proposals (by track)

                    Sandra Richardson, Lead Program Director and
                    Thomas Kim Program Director
                             Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program
                             Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE)
                             Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR)
                             National Science Foundation (NSF)

10:30      Break
10:45      Concurrent Breakout Sessions with Program Officers (Part I):
               -Mock Panel Review of a Noyce Teacher Scholarships/Stipends Proposal
                      Session A: Sandra Richardson, NSF                                                                    Concourse C/D
                      Session B: Thomas Kim, NSF                                                                             Santos Dumont

12:00      Plenary Session – Working Lunch                                                                              Concourse C/D
               -What Research Tells Us about Effective K-12 STEM Teacher Preparation,
                 Recruitment, and Retention
                     Zewelanji N. Serpell, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology,
                             Virginia Commonwealth University and QEM Consultant
               -An Overview of Capacity Building and Track 4: Noyce Research Proposal Requirements
                   -Q & A with Noyce Program Officers, Sandra Richardson and Thomas Kim

1:30        -Using a Logic Model to Describe Goals, Objectives, Performance Indicators
                  and Project Outcomes in Competitive Proposals

                        Dennis Davenport, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics
                              Howard University and QEM Consultant

2:15        Pkenary Session with Program Officers (Part II):                                                       Concourse C/D
               Discussion of Data Collection, Timelines, Budgets, and Evaluation Plans
               - Timelines (proposal review timeline and project start dates)
               - Preparation of Noyce Budget (Budget Flaws; What is a Justifiable Budget?)
               - Preparation of Noyce Evaluation Plans

                      Sandra Richardson, NSF                                                                     
                      Thomas Kim, NSF                                                                             

3:00        Break

3:15        Concurrent Breakout Sessions (Part III): (see session assignment sheet)
               Five Concurrent Breakout / One-on-One Sessions with QEM Consultants/Staff
               - Institutional Teams Share Proposal Ideas and Discuss Challenges
               - Preparation of Logic Model and Proposal Narrative
                      (Goals, Objectives, Intellectual Merit, and Broader Impacts)
              - Discussion of Collection of Monitoring and Compliance Data,
                      Timelines, Budgets, and Evaluation Plans

              1      Dennis Davenport, QEM Consultant Concourse                                                        C/D front
              2      Josephine Davis, Professor Emerita, Department of Mathematics                                Uppington
                           and Computer Science, Fort Valley State University (retired)
              3      Chance Lewis, Professor and Chair of Urban Education                               Concourse C/D back
                          University of North Carolina at Charlotte and QEM Consultant
              4      Eric Mintz, Professor, Department of Chemistry                                                 Santos Dumont
                           Clark Atlanta University and QEM Consultant
              5       Zewelanji Serpell, QEM Consultant                                                            Concourse C/D back

4:15       Break
4:30       Concurrent Breakout Sessions (Part III): (continued)
              Five Concurrent Breakout / One-on-One Sessions with QEM Consultants/Staff
              -Institutional Teams Incorporate Suggested Feedback to
                 Solidify their Proposal Outlines and Components
                     (Goals, Objectives, Intellectual Merit, Broader Impacts,
                       Evaluation Plan, Budget, etc.)

6:00        Plenary: Working Dinner Session                                                                            Concourse C/D
               -Essential On- and Off-campus Organizational and Structural
                      Elements Required for Successful Preparation and Implementation
                      of Noyce Proposals

               Moderator: Josephine Davis, QEM Consultant
               Panelists: Noyce Current/Recent PIs
                    Cheryl Adeyemi, Associate Professor and Chair,
                               Department of Mathematics, Virginia State University
                    Andrew Brantlinger, Associate Professor, Center for Math Education,
                               University of Maryland
                    Kellee Jenkins, Assistant Professor, School of Education, Howard University
                    Eric Mintz, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Clark Atlanta University
                     Q&A with participants

7:30         Adjournment, Day One
                  Overnight Assignment:
                  Participants incorporate feedback from Day One to revise team
                  project summaries and draft their logic models


8:00       Buffet Breakfast                                                                                                 outside Concourse C
9:00       Plenary Session:                                                                                                 Concourse C/D
              -Establishing and Nurturing Institutions of Higher Education
                 (IHE)/School System Partnerships for a Noyce Project

                          Chance Lewis, QEM Consultant
9:30       - Preparation of a Data Management Plan and Tracking and
                  Monitoring Scholarship and Fellowship Recipients

                         Dennis Davenport, QEM Consultant
              -Preparation of Assessment and Evaluation Plan for Noyce Projects
                         Josephine Davis, QEM Consultant

10:30     Break

10: 45    Concurrent Breakout Sessions (Part III), (continued from Day One)
               Five Concurrent Breakout / One-on-One Sessions
               Teams discuss/review their revised proposals/summaries with QEM Consultants
               - Revised Project Summaries and Logic Models
               - Proposal Narrative (Project Management, Timelines, and Budgets)
               - Assessment and Evaluation Plans
               - Data Collection and Analysis, Data Management Plan, and Reporting

               1   Dennis Davenport, QEM Consultant                                                        Concourse C/D front
               2   Josephine Davis, QEM Consultant                                                            Uppington
               3   Chance Lewis, QEM Consultant                                                               Concourse C/D back
               4   Eric Mintz, QEM Consultant                                                                    Santos Dumont
               5   Zewelanji Serpell, QEM Consultant                                                          Concourse C/D back

12:15      Luncheon Plenary Session:                                                                             Concourse C/D
               -Sustainability of a Noyce Project: Opportunities and Barriers
                      Eric Mintz, QEM Consultant
              -Aligning Noyce Projects with Current K-12 Education Reform Efforts
                       Zewelanji Serpell, QEM Consultant
               Summary Comments from Consultants/QEM Staff
               Overview of Post-Workshop QEM Technical Assistance

1:30        Small Group Discussions (Next Steps):
               Institutional Teams Share with the Group the Next Steps they Plan to
               Take to Further Improve their Noyce Proposals
               potential Recruitment Strategies and cross-Institutional Collaboration Plans)

               Consultants/QEM will ask each institutional team to prepare/submit
               an outline of team’s next steps and proposal development needs to
               facilitate post-workshop technical assistance sessions

2:30       Adjournment