Quality Education for Minorities (QEM) Network
Proposal Development Workshop for the National Science Foundation (NSF)’s
Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

Hilton Baltimore BWI Airport Hotel
1739 West Nursery Road • Linthicum Heights, MD 21090• Tel: (410) 694-0808

March 27-28, 2015


FRIDAY, March 27

  8:30       Registration/Continental Breakfast                                                         Outside Concourse C
  9:00       Opening Session                                                                                                Concourse C
                 Welcome, Review of Workshop Purpose and Agenda, and Introductions
                        Shirley McBay, President
                            Quality Education for Minorities (QEM) Network

  9:15         -Overview of the National Science Foundation (NSF)   
                  -Overview of the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program
                  -Opportunities for Noyce Capacity Building and Research Projects

                         Nicole Bennett, Co-Lead, Program Director
                         Lidia Ceballos Yoshida, Assistant Program Director
                              Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program
                              Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE)
                              Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR)
                              National Science Foundation (NSF)

10:00         NSF’s Merit Review Criteria and Proposal Review Process                            Concourse C                  
                          Mercy Mugo, Research Assistant, QEM Network

10:30         Break                                                                                          

10:45         Strengths and Weaknesses in Funded/Non-funded Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program Proposals
                      Nicole Bennett, Program Director, DUE/EHR, NSF

11:15         What Research Tells Us about Effective Teacher Preparation Programs
                        Luria Young, Interim Dean, College of Education
                              Southern University at Baton Rouge, and
                              External Evaluator for the QEM Noyce Technical Assistance Project


12:00         Working Lunch                                                                                            Concourse C
                  Enhancing Institutional Capacity to Produce Future STEM K-12 Teachers
                 Who Are Well-prepared and Motivated to Teach in High-Need School Districts

                  Presenter: Laura-Lee Davidson, Associate, QEM Network

  1:30         Concurrent Noyce Track-focused Breakout Sessions      (See Assignment Sheet)
                  Teams discuss project summaries with NSF Program Officer and QEM Consultant

                        Group 1:         Nicole Bennett, Program Director, NSF
                                              Carolyn Morgan, QEM Consultant

                        Group 2:         Lidia Yoshida, Assistant Program Director, NSF
                                              Adrienne Bailey, QEM Consultant

  3:00         Break

  3:15         The Nuts and Bolts: Administration of a Noyce Scholarship Program Award
                     - Recruitment and Selection of Scholarship/Fellowship Recipients
                         - Contractual Obligations of Institutions and Scholarship Recipients
                         - Creating and Nurturing STEM/Education Faculty Partnerships
                         - Data Collection, Analysis, Retention, and Dissemination
                         - Preparing a Budget for a Noyce Project Proposal
Carolyn Morgan, Professor of Mathematics, School of Science
                                    Hampton University, and QEM Consultant

  4:15         Concurrent Breakout Sessions, continued:
                  Teams discuss project summaries with NSF Program Officers and QEM Consultants

  5:45         Break

  6:00         Working Dinner                                                                                                 Concourse C
                  Aligning Noyce Projects with Current K-12 Education Reform Efforts
                  Discussion Leader:  Adrienne Bailey, Senior Consultant
                                                 Panasonic Foundation and QEM Consultant

  7:00         Adjournment, Day One

                 Overnight Assignment: Participants revise project summaries, draft goals and objectives, and prepare a preliminary budget.

SATURDAY, March 28

  8:00         Buffet Breakfast                                                                                     Outside Concourse C
  8:30         Assessment and Evaluation Plan for Noyce Scholarship and                          Concourse C
                 Noyce Capacity Building Projects

                       Luria Young, External Evaluator, QEM Noyce Project

  9:15       Establishing and Nurturing Institutions of Higher Education (IHE)/ School System Partnerships for a Noyce Project
                        Adrienne Bailey, QEM Consultant

10:00         Break

10:15         Concurrent Breakout Sessions, continued            (See Assignment Sheet)
                  Teams discuss their revised project summaries and preliminary budgets with QEM Consultants

11:45         Sustainability of a Noyce Scholarship Project: Opportunities and Barriers
                        Carolyn Morgan, QEM Consultant


12:30          Working Lunch                                                                                                Concourse C
                  Special Topic: Advancing the Success of Minority Males in K-12 Education
                  Discussion Moderator: Laura-Lee Davidson, QEM Network

 1:15          Group Discussion (Next Steps):
                  Institutional Teams share with the group the next steps they plan to take to
                  further assess and ensure that the essential on-campus elements are in place for
                  preparation of a competitive Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program proposal

                  Closing Comments from Consultants and QEM Staff

  2:00         Adjournment