NSF INCLUDES: A National Summit

On March 7, 2019 The Quality Education for Minorities (QEM) Network and National Science Foundation (NSF) INCLUDES Core Partners gathered 59 faculty and staff from 32 HBCUs and TCUs in Baltimore, MD. at the QEM NSFINCLUDES National Summit to Survey and Stimulate Broadening Participation Research at Historically Black and Tribal Colleges/Universities.

The Summit Project’s goal to synthesize current STEM Education Research conducted by HBCUs and TCUs called for a unique gathering of HBCUs and TCUs. Although a small segment of America’s colleges, HBCUs and TCUs make a disproportionate contribution to the production of African American and Native American STEM degree recipients. The Summit aimed to document and catalyze their experiences and leadership to support the nation’s goal of a diversified STEM workforce

Throughout the Summit, HBCU and TCU participants presented 43 briefings, describing their STEM Education Research. An Abstract Book was distributed to provide the basis for the Summit’s goal of synthesizing STEM Education Research at HBCUs and TCUs and to stimulate STEM Education Research and collaborations between and among HBCUs and TCUs.

The Summit also featured a cadre of Nationally-recognized consultants in STEM Education Research who shared their expertise and experiences ranging from a Summary of Current Knowledge Base on of STEM Education Research at HBCUs and TCUs to sessions on building research collaborations. Cultural Competence and Ethical Practices,  and a session on Research to Practice. including Telling Our Story to Diverse Audiences. The Summit engaged participants in Input and Feedback Session, following each consultants’ presentation to gather responses from a broad spectrum of HBCUs/TCUs to inform the Summit’s Action Plan. Stimulate Broadening Participation Research at Historically Black and Tribal Colleges/Universities

Leaders from the HBCU and TCU communities, Dr. Juliette Bell, PhD., former President of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and Leander McDonald, PhD., President, United Tribes Technical College in Bismarck, ND, conveyed both current STEM Education Research knowledge and highlighted the unique and effective histories and research efforts at HBCUs and TCUs

The Summit also provided opportunities for both NSF Program Officers and representatives from private foundations, including Annie E. Casey and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to describe opportunities for support for STEM Education Research efforts.

The work of the Summit will continue. QEM and NSF INCLUDES partners are beginning work to develop and  convey an Action Plan to continue to enhance the contribution of their students in the STEM Education Research Community of Practice. The Summit also will expand the broadening participation (BP) assets of the INCLUDES National Network, the NSF BP portfolio, and the HBCU/TCU BPR Community of Practice.

Summaries of participants’ responses to the consultants’ presentations are in preparation for distribution.


Meeting Highlights

March 7-9, 2019
Agenda w/Presentation
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