Proposal Development Workshop to Broaden the Participation of STEM Faculty at HBCUs
in the National Science Foundation (NSF) Education and Human Resources (EHR)
Directorate Core Research (ECR) Program

Hilton Baltimore BWI Airport Hotel, 1739 West Nursery Road, Linthicum Heights, MD 21090

April 21-22, 2017

Purpose:   To assist participating HBCU faculty teams in further developing their ideas for a STEM Education Research proposal they plan to submit to the NSF’s EHR Core Research (ECR) Program in the FY 2017 competition.



  8:30         Registration and Continental Breakfast                                                   outside Concourse C
  9:00         Opening Plenary:                                                                                          Concourse C
                     - Welcome; Review of Workshop Purpose and Packet
                                 Ivory Toldson, President & CEO, QEM Network
                     - Introductions and Project Title/Focus (by Team)

  9:45         Overview: Education Research Components
                  -   Grounding your Research in a Theoretical Framework
                  -   Asking the Right Questions: Research Design and Methodologies
                  -   Incorporating Innovations in Education Research
                  -   Ethical Conduct and Cultural Competency in Education Research
                                 Patricia Campbell, President, Campbell-Kibler Associates, and  
                                       QEM Consultant

10:30         Break                                                                                                 outside Concourse C

10:45         Overview (continued)                                                                                  Concourse C
                 -   Collecting and Analyzing Data
                 -   Project Evaluation
                              Patricia Campbell, QEM Consultant

11:15         Elements of ECR Proposals (Overview and Interactive Session)
                              Kinnis Gosha, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science,
                                       and Director, Culturally Relevant Computing Lab        
                                       Morehouse College, and QEM Consultant


12:00         Luncheon Roundtable Session:                                                                      Concourse C
                  Institutional teams present 3-5 minute summaries of their proposal ideas
                              Moderator: Althea Burns, Associate,  QEM Network

  1:30         Review of Common Guidelines for Education Research and Development
                     A Report from the Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education
                     and the National Science Foundation, August 2013
                              Mercy Mugo, Research Associate, QEM Network

  2:15         Plenary Session:                                                                                             Concourse C
                  - Overview of the National Science Foundation (NSF)
                  - NSF’s Merit Review Criteria and Proposal Review Process
                  - Overview of NSFs Core Research (ECR)) Program
                         ·     Specific Review Criteria for ECR Proposals
                         ·     Characteristics of Fundamental Research
                         ·     Strengths/Weaknesses of Funded/Non-funded ECR Proposals

                                 Earnestine Psalmonds-Easter
                                          Program Director, EHR Core Research (ECR)
                                          Division of Graduate Education (DGE)
                                          Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR), NSF

  3:30         Break

  3:45         Concurrent Sessions: Feedback/Guidance from QEM Consultants/Staff
                                                    (see Assignment Sheet for Group and location)
                      Session Focus: Teams Present Project Summaries; Review/Update ECR Proposal
                                      Elements Outline; and Draft Logic Models / Proposal Sections
                              Group One   - Patricia Campbell, QEM Consultant                          Concourse C
                              Group Two   - Kinnis Gosha, QEM Consultant                                 Santos Dumont
                              Group Three - Ivory Toldson,  QEM President & CEO                     Upington

 5:45          Reflection Period

 6:00         Dinner PI Panel Session:                                                                               Concourse C
                 Lessons Learned from BPR/EHR Principal Investigators at HBCUs
                            Moderator:  Ivory Toldson, QEM Network
                 Panelists (workshop participants):
                - Shubha Ireland, Professor, Biology, Xavier University  (INVITED)
                - Raphael Isokpehi, Professor, Biology, Bethune-Cookman University
                - Dorene Medlin, Assistant Professor, Teacher Education, Albany State University
                - Hector Torres, Associate Professor, Math Education, Bethune-Cookman University

  7:00         Adjournment

                  Overnight Assignment
                  Teams revise their one-page Project Summaries and ECR Elements Outlines



  8:30         Buffet Breakfast

  9:00         Plenary Session:                                                                                             Concourse C
                  The Ethical Conduct of Research and the Institutional Review Board (IRB)

                                Zewelanji Serpell, Associate Professor of Psychology
                                           Virginia Commonwealth University, and QEM Consultant

  9:45         Preparing Evaluation, Project Management, and Data Management Plans for an ECR Project
    Patricia Campbell, QEM Consultant

10:30         Break

10:45         Concurrent Sessions  (same Groups/locations as Day One)
                  Session Focus:  Discussion of Revised Project Summaries, ECR elements
                                            Data Management Plans, and Project Evaluation

                              Group 1 - Patricia Campbell, QEM Consultant                                                  Concourse C
                              Group 2- Kinnis Gosha, QEM Consultant Santos                                             Dumont
Group 3- Zewelanji Serpell, QEM Consultant                                                    Upington
   and Ivory Toldson,  QEM President                                                    Upington


12:15        Luncheon Panel Session:                                                                                   Concourse C
                 Building HBCU Education Research Capacity through Collaboration and
                 Partnership with STEM Education-focused Centers and
                                      Moderator: Zewelanji Serpell, QEM Consultant  
                 Panelists (workshop participants):
                - Eugene Collins, Professor of Physics, Fisk University (INVITED)
                - Jeanette Jones, Biology Professor and Center Director, Alabama A&M University
                - Jianjun Yin, Professor of Education, Jackson State University

  1:15         Closing Plenary:                                                                                             Concourse C
                  Disseminating and Publishing Education Research
                                Kinnis Gosha, QEM Consultant

 1:45          Discussion of Next Steps for Technical Assistance and Proposal Submissions
                                   Participants -- led by Ivory Toldson and Althea Burns, QEM Network

                  Closing Comments
                             QEM Consultants and QEM Staff

  2:30         Adjournment