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Talent Development and Innovation and Sciences (TDIS) Summer Internship

  2017 Talent Development and Innovation in Sciences Interns (TDIS)  Touring the Lockheed Martin facility in Arlington, Virginia.

2017 Talent Development and Innovation in Sciences Interns (TDIS) Touring the Lockheed Martin facility in Arlington, Virginia.

TDIS Summer Internship is designed to complement students’ academic learning with rich summer experiences that are designed to develop them professionally and instill in them an appreciation for innovation in STEM-related programs, NSF-funded projects, and STEM careers.  The internship also increases a students’ awareness of the circumstances that prevent minority students from receiving a quality STEM education; as well as provide them opportunities to conduct research to become familiar with NSF programs and strategies to address issues related to under-representation in STEM. The interns participate in activities that further develop their personal and leadership skills, increase their awareness of policies and legislation that have an impact on STEM education, in general, and for under-served communities in particular, and increase the students’ understanding of how science policy is made as well as to further develop their potential as leaders and proponents for increasing the number of women, underrepresented minorities, and persons with disabilities who pursue degrees and careers in STEM. 

To be eligible for the TDIS internship, applicants must be majors in one of the following fields: mathematics, science (life or physical sciences, computer science, behavioral sciences, or social sciences), technology, or engineering, and must have completed at least their sophomore year by the start of the internship. Graduating seniors must already have been accepted to and plan to enter graduate school in the fall to be eligible.