Quality Education for Minorities (QEM) Network
Proposal Development Workshop for the National Science Foundation (NSF)’s

Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program and Research Initiation Awards (RIA) Strand of
the Historically Black Colleges and Universities-Undergraduate Program (HBCU-UP)
August 19-20, 2016

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Registration and Continental Breakfast

Opening Plenary:
Welcome; Introductions; Review of Workshop Purpose and Packet
            Ivory Toldson, President, QEM Network

Overview of the National Science Foundation (NSF)
NSF’s Merit Review Criteria and Proposal Review Process

         Randy Phelps, Staff Associate, Office of Integrative Activities  (OIA)
                            Office of the Director, National Science Foundation (NSF)

        Andrea Johnson, Program Director, Historically Black Colleges and
                                                Universities–Undergraduate Program (HBCU-UP),
                                                Division of Human Resource Development (HRD),
                                                Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR), NSF

Program-Focused Breakout Sessions, Part One
MRI Session                                                                                                     

                 - Overview of NSF’s Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program
- Specific Review Criteria for MRI Proposals
                 - Strengths
/Weaknesses of Funded/Non-funded MRI Proposals
                 - Establishing the Need for Major Research Instrumentation
                         Randy Phelps, NSF

RIA Session:                                                                                                         

                 - Overview of HBCU-UP Research Initiation Awards (RIA) Strand
                - Specific Review Criteria for RIA Proposals
                - Strengths
/Weaknesses of Funded/Non-funded RIA Proposals
Andrea Johnson, NSF

Luncheon Plenary Session:
Faculty Research Experiences at NSF-funded Research Centers, National Laboratories, and Research-Intensive Institutions
Moderator:  Laura-Lee Davidson, Associate, QEM Network          

 - Natalie Arnett, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Fisk University
                 2011 RIA and 2015 CAREER Awards recipient, and QEM Consultant
- Garrick Louis, Associate Professor, Systems and Information Engineering
                University of Virginia, 2000 CAREER/PECASE Awards recipient, and QEM Consultant
- Edward Thomas, Jr., Professor, Physics Department, Auburn University,
                1998 CAREER and 2002/2011 MRI Awards recipient, and QEM Consultant

Program-Focused Breakout Sessions, Part Two
MRI Session:                                                                                                      
                 Preparation of the Proposal Narrative, Budget, and Timeline
                         Edward Thomas, Jr., QEM Consultant

 RIA Session:                                                                                                           
                 Preparation of the Proposal Narrative, Budget, and Timeline
                          Carla Mattos, Professor, Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department
                               Northeastern University, 2002 CAREER/PECASE Awards recipient,
                               and QEM Consultant

Discipline-focused Breakout Sessions   (see Assignment Sheet for group/location)
Session Focus: Initial Discussion of Project Summaries, Timelines, and Budgets

Biological Sciences:   
                Arthur Grider, Associate Professor, Foods and Nutrition Department
                     University of Georgia and Carla Mattos, QEM Consultants

                 Natalie Arnett andConrad Ingram, Professor of Chemistry,
                          Clark Atlanta University, QEM Consultants
   Garrick Louis, QEM Consultant

Mathematics and Computer Information Science and Engineering:   
                 Wayne Lutters, Associate Professor of Information Systems,
                         University of Maryland Baltimore County, and QEM Consultant
            Edward Thomas, QEM Consultant

Discipline-focused Breakout Sessions Continue (same locations)

Individual Reflection Period

Building Research Collaborations for MRI and RIA Research                   
  Victor McCrary, Vice President of Research and Economic Development
                               Morgan State University

Using NSF’s FastLane and Grants.gov for Submitting MRI/RIA Proposals and Required Reports
                      Evelyn Baisey-Thomas, Computer and Information Specialist
                                Office of Information and Resource Management, NSF (retired),
                                and QEM Consultant

Preparing Evaluation, Project Management, and Data Management Plans for Your MRI/RIA Projects
Wayne Lutters, QEM Consultant

The Ethical Conduct of Research
                         Garrick Louis, QEM Consultant

Integrating MRI/RIA-funded Research into Teaching
                           Art Grider, QEM Consultant

Training Undergraduate Students for MRI/RIA-funded Research
Conrad Ingram, QEM Consultant

Establishing and Sustaining Research Mentoring Relationships
Carla Mattos, QEM Consultant

Preparing Research Mentoring Plans for Students Engaged in Research
                          Ed Thomas, QEM Consultant