The 2nd National Symposium to Build Historically Black Colleges and Universities’ (HBCUs) Research Capacity through Collaborative Partnerships with STEM Advocates and Policymakers

(some meeting highlights)


The purpose of this years’ symposium was to provide specific guidance on building institutional capacity through collaborations between HBCU STEM researchers, administrators, and a cross-section of stakeholders, and to increase awareness of NSF’s broadening participation programs and funding opportunities.

The QEM/NSF HBCU Research Action & Practice (RAP) Symposium took place during the Annual Legislative Conference of the Congressional Black Caucus, September 12-14, 2019. QEM hosted 20 Provost/ VP of Academic Affairs and well as Provost of Research from various HBCUs around the country.


We kicked off our meeting at the

3rd Annual National HBCU Braintrust

Check Out Bowie State University’s Symphony of Soul Band !!!! 


Video Courtesy of CBCF


The Power & Potential of Black Innovation

A conversation with HBCU Presidents & Chancellors about how their institutions are preparing the next generation of Black innovators.


Dr. Glenda Baskin Glover, Tennessee State University
Dr. Harold L. Martin, Sr., North Carolina A&T State University
Dr. Lily D. McNair, Tuskegee University
Dr. Larry Robinson, Florida A&M University
Dr. C. Renold Verret, Varier University of Louisiana


Next our attendees’ attended a series of sessions the first being

Technology and the Workforce: Can you Hack the Best Policy Solutions?

This panel is an interactive competition aimed at "hacking" our way to policy solutions that better address technology workforce opportunities for minorities. During the initial hacking session, participants will partner up with various industry and thought leaders to discuss ways that policy can be crafted to further encompass under represented communities in an ever-evolving digital workforce.

Video Courtesy of CBCF


The National Science Foundation and HBCUs Advancing Diversity and Innovation in STEM

We officially gathered together as a group for our session to discuss:

  • The importance of HBCUs in advancing diversity and innovation in STEM

  • What NSF is doing to broaden participation in STEM and unique opportunities for STEM researchers and advocates to take advantage of NSF opportunities.

Sylvia James, Deputy Assistant Director, Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR), NSF 
M. Brandon Jones, Program Director, Directorate of Geosciences (GEO), NSF 
Lesia Crumpton-Young, Provost and Senior VP for Academic Affairs, Morgan State University
Patricia Pierce Ramsey, Provost and VP of Academic Affairs, Lincoln University



RAP Session with Federal Agencies Representatives              
HBCU Liaisons/Representatives across Federal Agencies

Bernadette Hence, Senior Program Manager, Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program,
U.S. Department of Education

Kevin A. Jenkins, Intergovernmental Affairs, Office of Justice Program, Department of Justice

Dwayne Matthews, Diversity Outreach Specialist, Peace Corps

Arthur McMahan, Senior Associate Director, White House Initiative on HBCUs

Irelene P. Ricks, Diversity and Fellows Affairs Coordinator,
National Institutes of Health, NIAID

Mark Sarney, Acting Director, Office of Research, Evaluation, and Statistics
Social Security Administration

Anthony C. Smith, Sr., Director, Department of Navy's (DoN) 
Historically Black Colleges and Universities/ Minority Institutions (HBCU/MI) Program


RAP Town Hall & Report Release                                       


Claudia Rankins, Program Director, HBCU-UP, CREST, CAREER
Division of Human Resource Development, NSF

Calvin Briggs, Executive Director
Southern Center for Broadening Participation in STEM

Bruce Jones, Vice President for Research, Howard University

Erin Lynch, Associate provost of scholarship, research and innovation
Winston-Salem State University


RAP Session with NSF                                                             

Dominique Carter, AAAS STP Fellow
Office of the Director
Office of International Science and Engineering, NSF

Rhonda Davis, Head
Office of Diversity & Inclusion, National Science Foundation

Erick Jones, Associate Dean and Former NSF Program Director 
University of Texas Arlington 

Talitha Washington, Program Director
Division of Undergraduate Education, National Science Foundation

Thank you to all who joined us for this years’ conference. See you next year!!!!