QEM INCLUDES Research Experiences for Undergraduates
(REU) Program

Summer 2017

Eligibility––Applicants must be:

  1. A citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.
  2. A currently enrolled student at an accredited, degree-granting Historically Black or Tribal College or University and have
    successfully completed at least the freshman year by the start of the summer program.
  3. Majoring/intending to major in one of the following fields: science (life or physical sciences, computer science, behavioral sciences,
    or social sciences), technology, engineering, or mathematics.
  4. Returning to a degree-granting institution the following academic year, at the undergraduate level.
  5. African American or Native American (registered member of a federally recognized tribe).
  6. Committed to participate in the program for the full ten-week period.
  7. Willing to participate in a telephone or video interview, if chosen as a finalist.
  8. Willing to participate in QEM INCLUDES Project surveys and interviews regarding strategies for engaging and retaining
    African Americans and Native Americans, especially males, as well as persons with disabilities, in STEM.


  1. Participation in a faculty-mentored STEM or STEM Education research experience.
  2. Skills training in STEM research, including the ethical conduct of research.
  3. STEM-focused professional development and career planning
  4. Participation in an innovative, unique cross-cultural research experience.
  5. One round-trip ticket (air, bus, train) or ground travel costs from home or school to REU site.
  6. Taxable stipends of $5,000, for full-time participation and completion of REU deliverables in the ten-week program.
  7. Shared summer housing (for INCLUDES REU participants who who do not live within commuting distance of their REU site).  
       The provision of housing is viewed by the IRS as income.
  8. In keeping with federal regulations and where applicable, FICA taxes may be deducted from both stipends and campus housing costs.
  9. Allowances for subsistence (meals, etc.) if not provided with student housing plans.

Application Process

Applicants must provide the following documents:

  1. A completed INCLUDES REU Application Form
  2. A current resumé that includes prior work and research experiences as well as any volunteer/service-learning activities and special skills
  3. A current transcript (an unofficial photocopy is acceptable).
  4. A 500-word, double-spaced, typed essay addressing the following three topics:
        a.  Career Objectives
        b.  How participation in the INCLUDES REU will add to your personal, academic, and professional development
        c.  A particular challenge you faced/are facing and how you overcame/are overcoming it
  5.   Two Recommendation Forms with supporting narratives (at least one recommendation must be from a faculty member at your
       institution with whom you have completed a class/course)

The completed application and recommendation forms, resumé, transcript, and essay must be submitted through our online application form to the QEM Network by Friday, March 31, 2017. Transcripts may be mailed separately, if necessary, but also must be postmarked by the deadline date.