NSF INCLUDES QEM Research Experiences for Undergraduates
(REU) Program


Standing from left to right Ataya S.,       Darrick M., Wozek C.,  Alden B. Seated in front: Tidas T., and       Reuben I. Tia Z. not pictured

Standing from left to right Ataya S., Darrick M., Wozek C.,  Alden B. Seated in front: Tidas T., and Reuben I.
Tia Z. not pictured


here's what it's all about.....

The INCLUDES REU is designed to provide a unique cross cultural experience and opportunities to engage in research to address societal concerns that are common to both African American and Native American communities. To enhance student interest and engagement in STEM, the ten-week experience also includes mentoring by STEM faculty and STEM professional development experiences. Each student is responsible for preparing presentation(s) on their research as well as an Individual Career Development Plan in STEM. Summer 2017 REU sites are using one of three distinct models in implementing their programs: a site where HBCU and TCU students participate together; a site where HBCU students are working at another HBCU, and an “In Place” experience in which TCU students are conducting research at their home institutions.

The research question that the Summer REU posits is: Will an early college research experience, focused on a cross cultural experience and research that addresses common community concerns, engage African American and Native Americans, especially makes and persons with disabilities, in STEM and increase their participation in STEM advanced education and STEM careers. The QEM INCLUDES project is conducting significant assessment and research on the REU program to both gather data to address the research question and to identify additional research questions for the project’s future work in an INCLUDES Alliance.

Summer 2017 REU sites included Aaniiih Nakoda College, Tuskegee University, United Tribes Technical College, and University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

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