Proposal Development Workshop for the National Science Foundation (NSF)’s
Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM) Program

Hilton Baltimore BWI Airport Hotel 

1739 West Nursery Road • Linthicum Heights, MD 21090 • Tel: (410) 694-0808
February 23-24, 2018


FRIDAY, February 23


8:15        REGISTRATION AND CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST                                  Concourses C&D Foyer
9:00       Review of Workshop Purpose, Agenda, and Introductions                    Concourses C&D
                Presenter: Laura-Lee Davidson, Associate, QEM Network
9:15-     –Overview of the NSF Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering,
10:30      and Mathematics (S-STEM) Program
                         * Proposal Tracks 1 (Institutional Capacity-building) 
                         * Proposal Tracks 2 and 3 (Design and Development) 
               –Knowledge Generation: Contributing to the Knowledge Base through S-STEM Projects
               –NSF Merit Review Criteria (Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts) 
               –General Observations about Strengths and Weaknesses in S-STEM Proposals
                    Q & A    
                 Presenters: Talitha Washington, Program Director
                                               Division of Undergraduate Education
                                               Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR)   
                                        Abiodun (Abby) Ilumoka, Program Director, IUSE
                                               Division of Undergraduate Education, EHR Directorate, NSF 

10:30     Break 

10:45     Mock Panel Review of S-STEM Proposal(s) 
                Participant groups, each led by a Consultant/PI, will read and discuss proposal using NSF Merit Review Criteria, assign ratings;
                and share highlights of discussion and rationale for rating with entire group, with program officers leading the discussions and
                providing feedback/guidance. 

                Session Leaders: Talitha Washington and Abby Ilumoka, NSF
                Reviewers: QEM Consultants and/or S-STEM PIs

                      Q & A 


12:15     Working Lunch: Panel Discussion                                          Concourses C&D
               Purpose:  Outline Key Elements Essential for Preparation of a
                                  Competitive S-STEM Proposal and Share Lessons Learned

               Moderator: Monica Cox, Professor and Chair
                                         Department of Engineering Education, College of Engineering
                                         The Ohio State University and QEM Consultant 

               Panelists/Discussants: QEM Consultants and S-STEM PIs
               > Results from Prior NSF Support; Project Objectives and Plans
                     Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Regents Professor and Professor of
                             Mathematical Biology, Arizona State University and QEM Consultant 

               > Significance of Project and Rationale; Activities on which Project will Build
                     Carmen Sidbury, President, The Sidbury Group, LLC (TSG), and
                              Former Associate Provost at Spelman College and QEM Consultant         

               > Evidence of the Quality of Institution’s Educational Programs;
                  Project Management Plan

                      Mark Melton, Professor of Biology and Dean, School of Sciences,
                           Mathematics & Public Health, Saint Augustine’s University and QEM Consultant

               > Student Selection Process and Criteria:
                   Description of Implementation and Testing Plans
                        Glake Hill, Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Chemistry, Physics
                            & Atmospheric Science, Jackson State University and QEM Consultant 

               > Observations from the Field: Lessons Learned
                        Participants who are S-STEM PIs (Open Forum) 

2:30      Break                                                                                            Concourses C&D Foyer

2:45      Project Assessment and Evaluation (Discussion of Logic Model)        Concourses C&D
              Presenter: Carmen Sidbury, QEM Consultant

3:30     Concurrent Breakout Sessions I:                            (See Session Assignment Sheet
              Institutional Teams Meet with QEM Consultants
              Focus: Preparation of the Key Components of the S-STEM Proposal Narrative
                           (As outlined by Luncheon PI Panel and the S-STEM Proposal Checklist) 

             Session Leaders/QEM Consultants: 
               >    Group One: Carlos Castillo-Chavez                               Heathrow, Table 1
               >    Group Two: Monica Cox                                                    Heathrow, Table 2 
               >    Group Three: Glake Hill                                                     Coal Harbour 
               >    Group Four: Mark Melton                                                  Concourses C&D (left side, front) 
               >    Group Five: Carmen Sidbury                                            Concourses C&D (right side, back) 

             (15-minute break from 4:30pm – 4:45pm
             NSF Program Officer(s) and QEM Staff available as resources, as needed, for
             individual teams to get general feedback on project ideas/summaries

5:45     Break 

6:00     Working Dinner                                                                         Concourses C&D
              Generation of Knowledge through an S-STEM Project
                  (A look at related Education Research and Evidence-based Practices – 
                  filling in the gaps or expanding/building on the current knowledge base) 
              Presenter: Mark Melton, QEM Consultant

7:00     Adjournment, Day One

              Overnight Assignment: 
              Teams continue to incorporate feedback and information from Day One sessions
              Into theirs-STEM proposal drafts and revise their project summaries, if necessary

SATURDAY, February 24


8:30        BUFFET BREAKFAST                                                         Concourses C&D Foyer
8:45        Recap of Day One and Overview of Day Two              Concourses C&D
                 Facilitator: Ivory Toldson, President and S-STEM Project PI
                                  QEM Network

9:00        Preparation of an S-STEM Budget
                 Presenter: Ron Buckmire, Lead Program Director, S-STEM
                                       Division of Undergraduate Education
                                       Directorate for Education and Human Resources, NSF

9:45        Project Data Management and Reporting
                       -Project Data Form
                       -Data Management Plan
                       -Using data analytics to examine patterns in institutional student data
                       -Dissemination Strategies (Broader Impacts) 

                 Presenter: Carlos Castillo-Chavez, QEM Consultant 

10:30.     Break 

10:45      Concurrent Breakout Sessions II:                         (Same locations and groups as Day One) 
                 Teams Discuss their Project Narratives and Budgets with QEM Consultants
                 Focus: Continued Preparation of S-STEM Proposal Narrative    
                              (Generation of Knowledge, Data Management, Dissemination, and Budget) 

10:45      Concurrent Breakout Sessions II (continued):       (Same locations and groups as Day One) 
                 Session Leaders/QEM Consultants: 
                        > Group One: Carlos Castillo-Chavez                           Heathrow, Table 1
                        > Group Two: Monica Cox                                               Heathrow, Table 2
                        > Group Three: Glake Hill                                                Coal Harbour
                        > Group Four: Mark Melton                                             Concourses C&D (left side, front) 
                        > Group Five: Carmen Sidbury                                       Concourses C&D (right side, back) 

                  NSF Program Officer(s) and QEM Staff available as resources and as needed
                  for individualized/general feedback on proposal (re)submissions


12:15       Working Lunch                                                                Concourses C&D
                 Facilitator: Althea Burns, Associate, QEM Network
                        –Aligning S-STEM Projects with National Efforts to Prepare an Inclusive
                         and Diverse Workforce (e.g., NSF INCLUDES, NSF Noyce Program) 

                 Presenter: Ron Buckmire and Talitha Washington, Program Directors, NSF
                    –Sustainability of an S-STEM Project– Campus Infrastructure Impact) 
                 Presenter: Monica Cox, QEM Consultant 

1:15        Participants Complete Online Workshop Evaluation Questionnaires
                       Facilitator: Mercy Mugo, QEM Research Associate

1:30      Group Discussion (Next Steps) 
               Institutional Teams Share with the Entire Group the Immediate Next Steps
               they Plan to Take in Preparation/Completion of their S-STEM Proposals 

              Moderator: Glake Hill, QEM Consultant 

2:00      Closing Comments from Consultants/NSF/QEM Staff

2:15       Special Feedback Sessions:                                   Concourses C&D and Heathrow
               Participants share their views on the NSF review process and challenges
               encountered in their, or other MSIs, attempt to seek grant funding
              (teams will be split into two groups) 

              Leaders: Mark Melton and Carmen Sidbury, QEM Consultants
              Recorders: QEM Staff (Ivory Toldson, Althea Burns, and Mercy Mugo) 

3:00     Adjournment