Blog #10

This last week went by really fast. On Monday and Tuesday we finished doing the final touches on our presentation. On Wednesday we presented to our mentors and the other interns and it was really exciting to have such a big crowd. Thursday we had our closing ceremony were we received certificates. This week has been exciting because my brother came to visit me so we have been touring DC. My main mentor, Colette St. Mary, gave me a coffee cup as a little goodbye gift which was really nice. Right now I am at QEM waiting to do my exit interview and I am excited to go home tomorrow. Overall I am very grateful for this experience and I am looking forward for what there is to come next. 

Blog #9

We have finished collecting all the data we could. Due to time and software constraints, parts of our project are not 100% solidified but we have concrete results. We have made a power point presentation and presented to our division as a practice to the NSF presentations. On Friday we were able to visit Lockheed Martin and the place was incredible. They had virtual reality sets which let you experience some of their prototypes and they seemed really eager to encourage us to have Lockheed as a possible career option. The speakers seemed really engaged and Lockheed seems like something I would enjoy doing. On the weekend me and some of the other interns went out to spend our last weekend out in DC. Saturday we were able to do a tour of DC Brau which was really interesting learning how they made and processed their beer. Next week we will do our final close ups for both NSF and QEM. We have our final presentations, final reports, and closing ceremony, all next week. 

Blog #8

This week was interesting. I flew to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend the annual meeting of the Society of Mathematical Biology. This conference was completely distinct from the ones I have attended before. It consisted mainly of talks whereas other I have attended included networking events and or panel discussions. There were very interesting talks the one that resonated with me the most was Neuromechanical Locomotion, in which they analyzed and modeled patterns in human and roach walking as well as moths flying and lampreys swimming. This sparked an interest in me to look into the neuromechanical locomotion of humans in swimming. Outside the conference, I was able to attend the museum of Natural History which was pretty interesting but was quite small compared to the ones in DC. I returned on Friday night and yesterday Saturday I was able to complete a Spartan Race which has always been in my bucket list. Next week we will finish tuning up our research data and start preparing to present. 

Blog #7

This Sunday I had my swim meet. It was great being able to get back into the water. Overall the meet went perfect considering the shape I am in and the amount of training I have been doing so I was happy with the results. Kendrick came to support so that made things more exciting, afterwards we went out to lunch. Monday we worked on some professional development with QEM on personal statements and how to sell ourselves to grad schools or companies. Tuesday we had yet another professional development this time with NSF and about resumes. In the afternoon some of my coworkers and I went to the movies to watch Baby Driver. Ridiculously amazing movie. The cinematography attached with the musical incorporation made it not only entertainment but something to genuinely enjoy. The movie is full of "Easter eggs" and I really enjoyed that. The work of the angles and lighting can tell you that every single individual aspect of the movie was thought thoroughly to create this work. Thursday some of the QEM interns and I played cards and talked. Tonight, Friday, some of the HACU interns invited us over to their place to have a bbq so it should be a fun night. I leave this Sunday to Utah to go to the Society of Mathematical Biology national meeting for the whole week. I should be coming back on Friday night and Saturday I have my Spartan Race which should be great. 

Blog #6

This week was only a half week of work. NSF is changing location so the servers had to be moved on Monday so there was no work. On Tuesday it was 4th of July. We ended up passing the afternoon at Dr. Toldsons house to see the fireworks it was very nice. Dr. Toldsons house has a rooftop from which we could gaze unto the city. It was like seeing an ocean of green and seeing fireworks emerge from them. I have been making new friends at masters swim practices. We are past the halfway point now and also just finished our midterm reports and its incredible looking back and seeing how much has progressed and how much deeper we are into our research. Again, super excited for this weekend because it will be my first swim meet since February. I am also nervous because I have not been able to train constantly but we will see how it goes.  - Daniel

Blog #5

This week went by fast. This marks halfway through the internship. In the office we have gathered more trends out of the data and will start following with what we have found to see how far it can lead us. Outside the office we have been able to do other things. On Wednesday we went to go see the Nationals play at their home field. It was great, the place was packed and people were super excited. And on Friday there was  a meeting at NSF in which interns and students were thought about a graduate fellowship program that can help pay for college. That information has become really valuable since graduate school is something I want to do. Next couple of weeks should be interesting since I have signed up for a swim meet in the 9th, a biomath conference in the week of the 16th, and a Spartan race in the 22nd. 

Blog #4

This week we had started digging deeper into our data by not just curating it but now we are looking at the statistical trends. This week I was finally able to start swimming with local masters clubs which is great cause I miss the water. Today we visited the capitol in which we went on a tour around and got to see a lot of the previous history of the building. On Wednesday we attended this technology meetup event, in which local companies and startups present their demos. It was very interesting seeing the ideas with which people came up with. Next week will be exciting cause we are going to a Nationals game, this will be my first baseball game in about 8 years.  - Daniel

Blog #3

Second week working at NSF. These week's duties have consisted mainly about curating and analyzing data. The data we are working with is in the thousands and thus takes plenty of time. I went to dinner with one of the program directors who is involved with the DEB we talked about his position and about his previous work experience. He used to work at the Smithsonian and told me plenty of stories about it and that he would try to set me up with a trip on behind the scenes. Outside the office we attended a Tri-Caucus Networking event were I saw another old friend from high school I had not seen in years. She works on the hill now as a legislative correspondent. She invited me to go to the congressional baseball game where I got to see republicans and democrats play a baseball game for charity. This weekend some of the other interns and I are planning on attending an event called Night Run which is a 5k with a variety of DJs and an after party afterwards.  -Daniel

Blog #2

This has been the first week at NSF. The place and the number of staff is a lot more than I expected. Its impressive the level of technology they have to offer. I have met my mentors and discussed with them how to approach my research topic which happens to be the review process of ad hoc reviews vs. panelist reviews. So far it has been mostly literary, I am eager to start working with computer programs however. Outside the office I have been very active this week. Monday night we went to a poetry slam event in Busboys and Poets, unfortunately I did not get to perform. Tuesday night I met up with a high school friend I have not seen in 2 years who happened to be in town. Wednesday I saw the Cavs lose to Golden State in game 3 of the finals. On thursday, I got to meet up for coffee with one of the previous QEM scholars and he gave me tips and advice on which scholarships to apply for and how to obtain them as well as programs that would bring me back to D.C. So far I have been running myself thin with things I want to do, people I want to meet, and work itself but I am very pleased with how things are going.  - Daniel

Blog #1

Our first week in Washington, D.C. consisted primarily of visiting monuments, going to QEM orientation, as well as getting the hang of how the city works. Some things that anyone can notice about D.C. is that there is always something to do. Every day there is multiple events around the city almost anyone can attend. The architecture is quite interesting, most of the buildings carry very different styles but they all work in a very aesthetic manner. Another thing is that the city is quite expensive, and one has to be very careful in what they spend their money in. I love the metro in the city, it is super convenient and easy to ride in order to arrive to other places. Some museums (which are free) that I checked out this week were the African American Museum, the Museum of Natural History, and the Air and Space Museum, all branches of the Smithsonian. Next week will be NSF orientation and we will finally get to see what routine will be like for the next couple of weeks.  - Daniel