Blog #1

Our first week in Washington, D.C. consisted primarily of visiting monuments, going to QEM orientation, as well as getting the hang of how the city works. Some things that anyone can notice about D.C. is that there is always something to do. Every day there is multiple events around the city almost anyone can attend. The architecture is quite interesting, most of the buildings carry very different styles but they all work in a very aesthetic manner. Another thing is that the city is quite expensive, and one has to be very careful in what they spend their money in. I love the metro in the city, it is super convenient and easy to ride in order to arrive to other places. Some museums (which are free) that I checked out this week were the African American Museum, the Museum of Natural History, and the Air and Space Museum, all branches of the Smithsonian. Next week will be NSF orientation and we will finally get to see what routine will be like for the next couple of weeks.  - Daniel