Blog #2

This has been the first week at NSF. The place and the number of staff is a lot more than I expected. Its impressive the level of technology they have to offer. I have met my mentors and discussed with them how to approach my research topic which happens to be the review process of ad hoc reviews vs. panelist reviews. So far it has been mostly literary, I am eager to start working with computer programs however. Outside the office I have been very active this week. Monday night we went to a poetry slam event in Busboys and Poets, unfortunately I did not get to perform. Tuesday night I met up with a high school friend I have not seen in 2 years who happened to be in town. Wednesday I saw the Cavs lose to Golden State in game 3 of the finals. On thursday, I got to meet up for coffee with one of the previous QEM scholars and he gave me tips and advice on which scholarships to apply for and how to obtain them as well as programs that would bring me back to D.C. So far I have been running myself thin with things I want to do, people I want to meet, and work itself but I am very pleased with how things are going.  - Daniel