Blog #3

Second week working at NSF. These week's duties have consisted mainly about curating and analyzing data. The data we are working with is in the thousands and thus takes plenty of time. I went to dinner with one of the program directors who is involved with the DEB we talked about his position and about his previous work experience. He used to work at the Smithsonian and told me plenty of stories about it and that he would try to set me up with a trip on behind the scenes. Outside the office we attended a Tri-Caucus Networking event were I saw another old friend from high school I had not seen in years. She works on the hill now as a legislative correspondent. She invited me to go to the congressional baseball game where I got to see republicans and democrats play a baseball game for charity. This weekend some of the other interns and I are planning on attending an event called Night Run which is a 5k with a variety of DJs and an after party afterwards.  -Daniel