Blog #7

This Sunday I had my swim meet. It was great being able to get back into the water. Overall the meet went perfect considering the shape I am in and the amount of training I have been doing so I was happy with the results. Kendrick came to support so that made things more exciting, afterwards we went out to lunch. Monday we worked on some professional development with QEM on personal statements and how to sell ourselves to grad schools or companies. Tuesday we had yet another professional development this time with NSF and about resumes. In the afternoon some of my coworkers and I went to the movies to watch Baby Driver. Ridiculously amazing movie. The cinematography attached with the musical incorporation made it not only entertainment but something to genuinely enjoy. The movie is full of "Easter eggs" and I really enjoyed that. The work of the angles and lighting can tell you that every single individual aspect of the movie was thought thoroughly to create this work. Thursday some of the QEM interns and I played cards and talked. Tonight, Friday, some of the HACU interns invited us over to their place to have a bbq so it should be a fun night. I leave this Sunday to Utah to go to the Society of Mathematical Biology national meeting for the whole week. I should be coming back on Friday night and Saturday I have my Spartan Race which should be great. 

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