Blog #8

This week was interesting. I flew to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend the annual meeting of the Society of Mathematical Biology. This conference was completely distinct from the ones I have attended before. It consisted mainly of talks whereas other I have attended included networking events and or panel discussions. There were very interesting talks the one that resonated with me the most was Neuromechanical Locomotion, in which they analyzed and modeled patterns in human and roach walking as well as moths flying and lampreys swimming. This sparked an interest in me to look into the neuromechanical locomotion of humans in swimming. Outside the conference, I was able to attend the museum of Natural History which was pretty interesting but was quite small compared to the ones in DC. I returned on Friday night and yesterday Saturday I was able to complete a Spartan Race which has always been in my bucket list. Next week we will finish tuning up our research data and start preparing to present. 

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