Blog #9

We have finished collecting all the data we could. Due to time and software constraints, parts of our project are not 100% solidified but we have concrete results. We have made a power point presentation and presented to our division as a practice to the NSF presentations. On Friday we were able to visit Lockheed Martin and the place was incredible. They had virtual reality sets which let you experience some of their prototypes and they seemed really eager to encourage us to have Lockheed as a possible career option. The speakers seemed really engaged and Lockheed seems like something I would enjoy doing. On the weekend me and some of the other interns went out to spend our last weekend out in DC. Saturday we were able to do a tour of DC Brau which was really interesting learning how they made and processed their beer. Next week we will do our final close ups for both NSF and QEM. We have our final presentations, final reports, and closing ceremony, all next week. 

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