Week 2: The wait is over!

Monday morning the NSF building is enormous, easy to get lost inside. Everybody is friendly, always so happy to see you...feels nice. I finally got to meet my mentors and the team that I will work with this summer.  I had a chance to chat and meet with my advisors individually about the project and we got to know a little bit about each other.

On Wednesday, the EEC team had a DiSC activity that I was lucky enough to be part of. We all took a personality test that categorized into 4 categories. So, on Wednesday we had a workshop to compare our results. It was so much fun! I learned a lot about myself, the results of my overview were almost spot on. It turns out I am Conscientiousness with a bit of Steadiness. That means I lean into the analytical, reserved (very true), precise, private, systematic character. It was cool to see the personalities and categories in which the team that I will work with is under. Learned that I share the same personality with one of my mentors, we have something in common. Aside from that it was a very interactive activity, I have a fun team.

I was also in an official panel review. To my surprise I thought I was walking into a presentation but then realized it was a panel of professors coming in from different institutions to review real proposals. It took me a while to process but so glad I had the opportunity to surround myself with that experience. I observed more than listen because I didn’t understand much about what they were talking about but the experience was unique.

That pretty much sums up my first week at NSF…. There’s more coming!

Erika J

Shaunette Bishop