Week 3: Meetings and more meetings.

 Now that I am settled in my office/cubicle work is flowing smoothly. This week has been a busy one. One thing I have learnedwhile being in NSF is the number of meetings that go on. This week I attended several meetings related to different areas, such as, staff, ERC, Data Analytics and Discussion meetings. My mentors invite me to these meetings not necessarily because they relate to my project but to become aware of other projects that the office is working on developing. I appreciate that they consider me to participate in these discussions and can share my opinion as a student/individual. Aside from all the meetings I went to, I scheduled appointments to meet with the program directors I needed to interview for my project to move forward (so that's next on my calendar).  

During this week we also had 3 workshops. The first one was on networking. More than anything I enjoyed the practice exercises we did with the other interns. Applying what we were learning helped me understand it better and receive immediate feedback of the things we were doing right or wrong. It also served to talk to the other interns that are here that I have not had a chance to get to know.

Then we had a professional development workshop at QEM. We get caught up coming and going to NSF that sometimes we do not interact with each other after work. But through this workshop all interns came together and spent a fun night playing battle of the sexes, which by the way girls won (lol).

Lastly the group and I attended a Tri-Caucus Networking event at the Rayburn Office Building. Pretty much applying the networking skills we had learn on Tuesday's workshop. At first it was intimidating because there was a big crowd. However, as the evening went by, the environment felt more at ease. I was able to communicate and make meaningful connections that I intend to keep in contact.

That sums up another great week! 

Shaunette Bishop