Week 4: It Went By So Fast

Unlike the previous weeks, this week seemed to fly by. Throughout this week I was caught up working mainly in populating spreadsheets and interviewing a couple program directors. One of the conversations I had with a director really inspired me, we talked for hours sharing our personal experiences that at the end of the day I forgot to actually interview her. I had to reschedule another appointment. Because I am working in the division of engineering education, I have been learning constructive knowledge from each and everyone in the office. Most of this information associates with my background therefore I can identify myself with. I have always known the importance of education in my life, I also knew that engineering was a very broad field. However, now that I am in NSF I am realizing the magnitude of engineering. It's like I have opened an engineering pandora's box. There is soooo much more that I imagined. Good thing I still have more time to keep discovering. 

Another highlight of this week is the bonding growing among the other interns at NSF and me. At this point, we have had the opportunity to meet the other interns participating in the office, but this week I feel we became more connected. We had lunch together a couple of times and planned exploring DC for the weekends. That should be fun! Talking about fun, today Friday we all went to tour the Capitol Hill. I was very enlightened, that place is so magical from the inside. You really need a moment to appreciate the structure of the building, the paintings and the monuments of this place, it's so immense. I got to say getting out of the office for the day, was a good change. 

Until next time. 

Shaunette Bishop