Week 5: One Thing Leads to Another

Remember last week I said I had opened a Pandora's box...well now I don't know where to start. I am overwhelmed with information, good and promising information. I am currently a graduate student, finished my first semester this past May. I applied and began a program not knowing the amount of resources available to me. Like I said before, all I was sure about was the importance of a degree. Well now I am here, presented with big opportunities. Opportunities that blow away my mind and that can change my direction (change is always good...right) well, how do I begin. I am going to continue taking advantage of my time in NSF as well as with QEM and see where that leads me. 

Work was neutral this week. I did something new, I developed an inventory for the annual reports in the program. Once generating the template, I made sure the reports matched the database and report what was missing as well as what is in boxes (hard copy).  In between my duties, I also attended a couple meetings. You never know who you are going to meet in these meetings. Previously, I had been trying to contact a person from another division, nobody specific, just somebody that can help me move forward with my project. In this meeting there was a representative from that program, guess who has their contact information. He said something that left me contemplating, I may not be the person that can help you, but I can direct you there. True. At the end that is what it's all about, everything connects. Throughout my experience in this internship, I have learned that its all about the people you connect with, (even if you think it's not meaningful) that connection can lead you to the right person. 

Outside of work, I continue to explore DC. Don't underestimate DC, it may seem little but there is always a lot to do. We are halfway of our awesome internship, and there is still a lot more to walk and see. Some of the activities we did this week were visit the National Smithsonian Zoo, National Cathedral, sunset at the Potomac River, and lastly QEM took us all to the Washington Nationals vs. Chicago Cubs MLB game. All filled with fun and memories!! This weekend we are taking a road trip to Philly and Baltimore! stay connected

-Erika S

Shaunette Bishop