Week 1: Welcome to DC

Week 1: Welcome to DC

Arriving in the city I was very nervous and excited to know what I was going to find myself with for the summer. Luckily the girls and I bonded very well, more than well, made me feel welcomed. The first day at QEM I got to meet the rest of the group and they are all pretty awesome. 

I thought that this internship was only going to be about the assignment that I was introduced to,  however as I learned what they had in store for us changed my perspective. I am very happy to know that during this program I am not only going to work with professionals but develop my own personal professional skills. All of the extracurricular events that are planned for us, HAS ME VERY EXCITED and looking forward too!

I also enjoyed the variety of speakers that came out of their busy schedules to come talk to us about different topics, introduced me to a new level of networking. 

This first week has taught me so much already like getting around in the metro, a lot of WALKING! and exploring new things. The highlight of this week is definitely the African American Museum, I have never been to a museum this big. Everything was just so overpowering. 

Can't wait for next week at NSF!

Shaunette Bishop