Week 7: Scavenger Hunt

We started the weekend in NYC!!! I don't know what we were thinking though, we walked over 13 miles wanting to take over the city. We wanted to explore as much as possible in one day without considering how TIRING that would be. But NY is NY! it was definitely worth it.

Back to my work routine, this week consisted of nothing but looking for people. Yup I am still looking for that one person that can help me, just when I think I found it....nope they send me somewhere else. I do not mind the scavenger hunt because that leads me to meeting new people. People outside the division I am in and that allows me to expand my networking circle. So far I feel my communication skills have been improving. Approaching all this people introducing myself over and over again has made me for confident.

Every week there is something new! stay put!!


Shaunette Bishop