Week 8: A Week of Events

I began my week by attending the Women’s Congressional Policy Institute STEAM Fair. The National Science Foundation (NSF) invited me and another intern to participate in their booth. Initially, I did not know what this implied, but as we set up our table and walked around the room I found myself with a room filled with mainly women presenting a world full of STEAM opportunities. I felt proud to be a woman in STEM. It was empowering and glad to see women in action. The next day was professional development at QEM, we followed up with a night of trivia. That was my first time going and playing trivia. I don’t think that’s a thing where I’m from, or maybe it is? We played 5 rounds all random topics, the only thing I knew was a Rihanna song but our team pulled through at the end lol. Thursday was a day of eating. A pair of interns organized a potluck during lunch in which we shared our food culture. There was fried rice, enchiladas, arroz con habichuelas, Persian salad, pan dulce, aguas frescas and a mix variety. It was a great way to step away from our cubicle, eat and network. That evening I went to a farewell dinner with the program directors of the division I am positioned with. The selection of food was a restaurant named Peter Chang’s, authentic Chinese food. My mentor suggested to try dry fried eggplants (surprisingly good!) as well as individually picking an entrée and share. I was able to try 10 different meals at once, very interesting flavors. Finally, I ended my week having lunch with one of my mentors.

We are down to our last weeks of our internship and we are getting ready to wrap it up. But there’s always more things coming!!


Shaunette Bishop