Blog Bost 7/7/17

Hey Family and Friends,

Thanks for keeping up with my journey here in DC! Now that we’re officially in the month of July, I’m realizing that my internship is already halfway over, and if you’ve been keeping up with my blogs from the’re awesome!!

This week was a little different than normal because of Independence Day. My fellow interns and I enjoyed a day off from work and were invited to Dr. Toldson’s home for a BBQ. For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Toldson is the President of the QEM Network. He and his wife were phenomenal hosts; they made us feel at home and served us a LOT of food (really though). There was even a pot of gumbo cooked by a true Louisianian. We finished the night watching fireworks from the balcony, and the view was AMAZING!

As far as work is concerned, I’ve been meeting even more incredible people. One of these individuals is Dr. Carter-Johnson. She’s the data scientist in my division, and her bachelor’s degree is in physics as well. I found out that Dr. Carter-Johnson also knows my mentor, Dr. Renee Horton from Louisiana. It truly is a small world!

Well, that’s all for this week folks. Thanks for reading :]

Shaunette Bishop