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This week has been very productive and fun events. For starters, I am very content with my performance on QEM Monday Workshop where I was unexpectedly asked to write a grad school letter of intent. I was proud of myself when I realized that I had written more than 500 words in under 30 minutes some of the other interns only had but a few sentences written. Thereafter on Tuesday I had a good time kayaking with my friend Leean after work and managed to see DC in a different paradigm. On Wednesday, I was happy to share with Dr. Kerttula and Dr. Riach my work progress and they were very kind and thoughtful when giving feedback. However, the more fulfilling part about this week has been my trip to Massachusetts where I am staying in the Havard Forest REU site participating in a workshop till Saturday where I conducting quantitative field research on flora and the tree growth. All in all, I am very thankful with how productive and interesting my summer internship experience has been which I certainly will never forget.

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