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Leonardo Alfonso

QEM Blog 7/21/2017

Aside from all my weekly worked and experiences I think for this blog I will go straight to the point and discuss my most memorable point of this week. I am sure that you can imagine how busy and overwhelming the life of an intern and college student can be however unlike most young men my age who spend time watching Netflix and play video games after work to distress, I step away from the black mirrors that are the screens of my laptop and cellphone and go out for long walks. I find it soothing to tune out all the fast paste communication and distractions that come from electronics and focus on walking and admiring the scenic view of wherever I am.

Subsequently on Wednesday afternoon I felt quite tired from work and after arriving home I chose to change cloths and go walking by the National Mall, one of my favorite places on DC. Firstly, I visited the Lincoln Memorial as I usually do to symbolically pay my respects to Lincoln who helped preserve our Union. While at his memorial I tend to climb to the top, visit the inside to say thank you, and then go around the temple to gain a 360-degree view of DC. I particularly enjoy this as rarely anyone walks behind the temple and I get to spend a few minutes alone just enjoying the view westward to Virginia.

Thereafter I continue my walk near the Reflection Pool towards the Washington Monument all the while enjoying the company of strangers around me and of the ducks that call the pool home. While on passing through the World War 2 Memorial fountains a senior couple from Spain kindly asked if I could photograph them with both the fountain and the Washington Monument in the background and I agreed to help. I am proud to say that all my years of doing wildlife photography paid off as I took what I think are the best photos of a couple in their late years merely enjoying the environment around them and appreciating one another. It also made me content to have spoken Spanish with them because it helped me create a more sincere and familiar bond.

Though my interaction with this couple from Spain might have lasted for two or five minutes, I could not help but notice how these people, ordinary and casual in appearance, could emit such love, affection, and appreciation for one another. Sure, I probably will never see them again nor will I ever know how they truly are yet I will continue believing that this couple whom I helped create a memory that will last a lifetime is an example of the kindness that lie in every one of us.

After my heart-felt encounter I went on my merry way to the Washington Monument, observed its symbolic stance across the land, and made my way to the nearby metro to head back home.

I tell this story with all my sincerity and good intentions not to tell a cute tale but to remind myself that amidst all the overwhelming tasks life throws at me from scholastic responsibilities to being the bread winner at home, I must never forget those moments that help me become content with my existence in this ever-changing world.

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