QEM Blog 6

QEM Blog 6

Another productive week has gone by and I cannot help but notice how fast this internship has been. Certainly, this has something to do with how there are new and interesting tasks to do every day from working in the NSF, to having lunch with a fellow intern, and even visiting a STEM Education Policy Panel after work. So, the highlights of this week have been numerous and fun. On July 4th, I was invited to my mentor's high rise apartment where I met professionals in the science and journalism fields as well as seeing the fireworks over the National Mall.

The subsequent days where productive since on Wednesday I manage to write about my perspective on STEM policy, on Thursday I had a successful midterm evaluation conversation with QEM Coordinator Kendrick Pullen where we discussed areas of improvement as well as my NSF project. Fun fact, even though being tired from work and the evaluation, I attended a STEM Policy Panel on the US Capitol which helped me meet numerous STEM professionals who were intrigued by my NSF work and managed to add me on Linkedin. I must thank my friend Meredith whom I met in the Hispanic Caucus meeting for informing me of the opportunity.

The next day on Friday I managed to have a meeting with Aixa Aleman, a renown NSF environmental anthropologist, and we spend a good hour discussing the opportunities available if I choose to attend grad school for that field. Thereafter I had a phone interview with Catherine Chan, the chairperson of the University of Hawaii (Manoa) Natural Resource Management degree. She was very kind to accept my invitation to discuss my grad school goals and informed me of the tasks I must complete to get accepted into her program.

This conversation was very fulfilling because it has been my childhood goal to go to school in Hawaii. I certainly must thank QEM for helping me arrive at this point of my life. Being an NSF research intern and having an actual NSF email certainly helps when making professional and academic connections.

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