Blog #1

This has been an amazing week in D.C. I’ve been introduced to a lot of things that I’m not used to like walking at least 6 miles every day, taking the metro (train) to get around and not having access to a car! As soon as I got here I met my roommates, who are also interns for QEM, and we immediately connected. Exploring this city has been so much more fun with these girls. The first week at QEM has introduced me to some very interesting and important things that I will definitely benefit from this summer. The professionals I met this week have not only showed me how to properly use linkin, network and research, but also gave me advise on how to take advantage of my time in this beautiful city. I had the opportunity to visit some museums (African American History and Air and Space) and monuments, where I was able to see and learn many interesting things. I am nervous and excited for this next few weeks when I meet my NSF mentors and learn what I will be working on for the rest of the summer.  - Miranda

Shaunette Bishop