Blog #3

This week went by a little too fast. I started the week with the IT guy helping get approved programs on my computer and an extra screen. He is super nice, I know this because I had to contact him four times that day. I then met with one of my mentors who actually didn’t want to talk about my project, but wanted to know what my future plans are and how she can help me achieve them. She gave me a great idea for the type of career to consider and graduate programs that might be related.

I spent the remainder of the week attending meetings and writing a program that will help me with the project I’m doing this summer. One of the meetings I attend was with REU program organizers(PO) who were discussing application to REU programs. The meeting was intense, but it was good to see that the people in charge of funding these programs really care about the students and faculty in the programs. I also met with my mentors to discuss my progress so far. They gave me good suggestions for some difficulties I encountered while working on them. Finally, I almost finished the program to filter through 75 excel files so I don’t have to do it manually. Just in time because I should be receiving the final files by the 20th.  - Miranda

Shaunette Bishop