Week 1: Blog Post

My first week post:

"I came to Washington D.C. expecting great things. Little did I know that my first week experiences would surpass my expectations. My first official day here I was greeted politely by the front desk clerk at the residency in which I was staying. I could already tell there were only more friendly faces to come. As I came through my dorm, I encountered my roommates, whom I had no trouble getting along with. The next few days were full of wonder and excitement. My mornings involved coming into the QEM (Quality Education for Minorities) building to network with professional speakers, learn about a variety of relatable topics, and most of all, discover essential information that could benefit me in my career. My time with the other interns and with our advisor, Kendrick Pullen, became a fulfilling experience. In the evenings, I found myself wandering about D.C. and participating in all sorts of fun activities such as eating in the best restaurants, learning how to take the metro, visiting museums and historical sites, and enjoying the nightlife in the popular parts of the city. If this is my first week here, I can't imagine what's in store the next 9 weeks. I look forward to working further with QEM and starting my job with the National Science Foundation."

((The photo that is attached was the first picture the female interns and I took together before meeting the others))


Paola Zegri

Shaunette Bishop