Week 2: Blog Post

Sunday night as I laid in bed, all I could think was "How will my first day at the National Science Foundation be like? Will I fit in? What is to be expected of me?". Despite my head being filled with anxious thoughts, I was also eager and excited to discover everything about the internship. When the day for orientation finally came, I was immediately relaxed as soon as I met the faculty and the rest of the interns. Everybody I met that day was very welcoming and kind. I was pleased to meet my mentor and find out what my assignments would be in the future. My fear for what I expected to encounter quickly dissipated once the orientation came to an end. My day only improved from there, my roommates and I had made a delicious cooked meal which brought me comfort at the fact that I was far from home. That corresponding night, the rest of the QEM interns, our advisor, and I had gone to an open mic event. It was a fun activity I have always intended to do, but never had the time for. With that being said, my first day of the week concluded delightfully. The remainder of the week I found myself following a 9AM-5PM work schedule where I would do multiple tasks on the computer, attend staff meetings, and have lunch with my co-workers. As a young adult, I have never felt as highly respected as my older peers but at the National Science Foundation, I am treated as an equal. Furthermore, having my own office makes it all the more official and honorary to be recognized as a professional. Contrary to how I was at the beginning, now I feel prepared for what's to come the rest of the summer.   - Paola

Shaunette Bishop