Week 3: Blog Post

“Last weekend was one to remember. I had never seen so much life, so much color, and so much pride compacted in two days full of events. On Friday, every club in town hosted drag queen shows and pre-parties, all leading up to the LGBTQ+ Pride Parade the following day. It was my first time ever attending one and I’m glad it got to be at one of the most popular ones held in the U.S. I even got the opportunity to meet a YouTube celebrity that I had admired for so long. It was rather eventful, and exciting to have had this experience during my internship. I would say that the entire week really, was dedicated to socializing and expanding my network. During the week, I was provided numerous opportunities to network by both NSF and QEM. I obtained helpful tips at a networking workshop held at NSF, which aided me to become much closer with my co-workers and my mentors. At QEM, we had our first professional development meeting which served to reflect upon myself professionally, as well, as having quality time with the other interns and our coordinator. We shared more time together afterwards when we went to a networking event. At first it was scary to know that I was expected to socialize with a bunch of strangers in a small room, but my intern friends helped me gain the confidence I needed to introduce myself to others (thanks, Jasmin). In the end, I gained so many connections this week, plus, I strengthened my current holding relationships. Who knows, maybe in the future I’ll run into a job offer, or I’ll accumulate friends for life. Only time will tell, until next time.”




Shaunette Bishop