Week 4 Blog Post

Despite it only being 4 weeks passed, I already feel as if though this is a second home. I have built strong relationships with my peers, I'm an expert at finding my way around, and I feel relief when I get "home" after a long day at work. I have developed a comfortable routine, yet every day never ceases to surprise me, especially during this week. I dedicated myself to meeting more people at NSF, as well as being more involved in the community. The interns and I were able to attend a 5K music festival themed run where we ran and danced to victory at the fact that we were supporting a great cause- cancer resistance. It was a wonderful chance to have fun while encouraging a selfless deed. On that topic, I constantly volunteered to help others at work this week which enabled me to strengthen existing relationships and even develop new ones. I never knew how many amazing people surrounded me until I really got to know them. I further bonded with the other interns when we went on a tour at Capitol Hill. There was so much more rich history inside that building than I ever thought there was and I didn't expect I would get the chance to find out for myself. I'm glad I was able to get out of my comfort zone (aka leave my cozy cubicle) and try out new things. Now what awaits is my trip to Santa Barbara, California where I will attend an environmental biology conference with my mentor. Stay tuned to hear how that goes!

Til next time,

Paola Zegri  

Shaunette Bishop