Blog Post (I lost count)

California? More like Cali-fun-ia cause that's what it mostly was. It was four days of networking with important individuals, learning about research in infectious diseases, and best of all, venturing the beautiful coast of Santa Barbara. You might think, "learning about diseases, where's the fun in that?". Well, for a curious developing scientist like myself, that's the most exciting thing I could imagine. It was so fascinating to indulge myself in all this information. Especially knowing how the contributions made by these scientists impacts the lives of many, including plants and animals. It was an honor to meet these researchers and receiving professional advice from them. But it wasn't always a serious conversation, many of them were laid back, particularly when we had fun events going on like hiking, going to the beach and attending a banquet. The conference was very inspiring for me and the campus where it was located was indeed beautiful.  I left California with good memories and a nice tan. Next stop, Philadelphia!

-Paola signing out

Shaunette Bishop