Week 7 and still going strong!

You wouldn't believe the week I have had

But here it goes,

Prada, Wall street, ABC television, the Statue of Liberty, subways, Spiderman. These are a few of many things that remind me of New York City. As I grew up, I always heard Brooklyn this, Manhattan that. Names of places and things that were widely reported to the Nation yet have only been realistically familiar to some people. I always thought New York was a place for celebrities and talented people, never for someone like me. My mindset soon changed once I finally visited the Big Apple itself. People of all kinds where there, and here I thought "Miami is the most diverse". Over packed yet I could see why everyone would want to be there. It was as magical as they say it is, yet it was as typical as any other city. With its dirty streets, struggling laborers, and continual urbanization. I was amazed at how tall all the buildings were; jaw-dropping skyscrapers everywhere. However, what struck me the most was how exciting it really was to visit the iconic places that had been advertised to me my whole life. Such as Central Park, Chinatown, Time Square, Broadway, and much more. Since I was only there one day, I didn't get to do all the things I wanted, nonetheless, it was still a great experience to share with my intern family.

You might be wondering "wait....did she say just one day? What did she do the rest of the week then?". Patience, there's more to tell. During my work week, I was able to attend many fun things, as well as professional development events. The highlights were definitely the resume writing workshop, a DC Outdoor Film, a Leadership Toastmasters meeting, a staff lunch, and a National Geographic Digital Storytelling event. Out of all of those, you might be more curious about what Toastmasters means or how was the storytelling like from such a prestigious society. To put it simply, they both involved a group of empowered people sharing their experiences and developing their leadership skills. I hope to one day become a great leader that has the power to move others and make a strong impact in the world. Fulfilling this internship and making the most out of my experience is the first step towards that. Let the countdown begin!

Only 21 days left


Shaunette Bishop