Around DC in 70 days - Week 8

Who said you had to travel the entire world to experience different cultures and engage in an immersive adventure? When you can have all that and more by just visiting Washington D.C.

Heres my story. Museums, monuments, Chinatown, Georgetown University, festivals, food trucks, this is a glimpse into my summer. With the Natural History Museum and the public health graduate fair being the highlights of my time this week. I have been able to learn so much about what goes on around me, but also what goes on in regards to myself and my future. Between the fair I have mentioned, and the AAAS Inventor Ambassadors session I attended, I have been motivated to consider other options that are available to me within my degree of studies. I was sure all my life of what I wanted to do, but I'm glad that I was exposed to so many other possibilities through this internship. I'm telling you, its been quite the ride.

This summer will be one to remember, that's for sure. There's but only two more weeks to make the most out of what's left of my internship. I've been working hard this past week to finish up all my job assignments to focus on the fun activities left to discover in the remainder of my time. I've hit a few bumps in the road with my assignments, but if the invention ambassadors taught me one thing, is too look at failure, not for what it is, but as an opportunity to do better and excel. I'll be applying this advice next week as I prepare for my upcoming presentation and conclude my time here. 

Wish me luck!

< Paola signing out >

Shaunette Bishop