Life in the Fast Lane (Week 6)

It's true what they say, time flies when you're having fun.

I'm halfway through my internship now and it hasn't even felt like it's been that long. It's been refreshing to keep busy by being productive or by going out to have fun. Speaking of which, just last weekend my friends (the interns) and I had a road trip to Philadelphia, making stops at Virginia and Baltimore. During this trip we sang to tunes in the car, went hiking in the Great Falls National Park, visited historical sites like the Independence Hall, had the best Philly cheese steaks, went to the Maryland Aquarium and even visited Johns Hopkins University! What a dream come true it was for all of us. I would say we became much closer after having this adventure together. Upon returning, that connection didn't dissipate, even then, we continued to visit each other every other night to play cards or share meals. It was a long weekend after all, so we had time to hang out all throughout, even on the fourth of July. On that day, we all went to a gathering at the home of Dr. Toldson, the current President of QEM. There was delicious food provided as well as a beautiful outlook of the city. I was able to meet friendly new faces whom later on, I shared a view of the fireworks with. We definitely ended that day with a bang.

Socializing was the highlight of my time this week, I was able to expand in the work place as well as personally meet people in my department I hadn't previously connected with. Additionally, I was able to better understand the purpose and importance of my work project, thus, bringing more meaning to the tasks I was performing. By deepening my understanding, I could better present my progress towards my work goals during my Midterm Evaluation. I hope that once I complete my Internship, I will have had enough practice to give my final presentation about my personal and professional growth. I don't doubt that my peers and advisors will be impressed with my final results.

Not even you,

'til next time.

Shaunette Bishop