Week 9 Was One to Shine

This week on Paola's life.....

There was a Zoo exhibition! It was the first time in a long time I had gone. I felt like a little girl full of wonder and excitement as I viewed all the displays. Although it was great to be up close to animals, a part of be was heartbroken that they had to be in cages all the time. I still had fun and I made sure to take a few pictures! 

Aside from all the fun in the zoo, I got to visit the facilities of Lockheed Martin, an engineering company that works on public defense. I initially thought I would be bored because I could relate to their interests but I became quite the opposite when they spoke about matters in aerospace technology. It was definitely one of the coolest opportunities QEM has provided. The rest of most of my week I was working on my final presentation and on my report. I could say that I feel well prepared for my presentation, and that I'm proud of the report I wrote. Now that I got all my worries from my assignments out of the way, I can just sit back and enjoy what's left of D.C. before I leave. See you guys next week for the season finale of my summer internship!

Paola over & out

Shaunette Bishop