This Is Only the Beginning

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

-Mahatma Gandhi

Strong words that I have applied over the course of my internship. I have every day count as if it were my last, but I have also appreciated all the knowledge I've gained to the extent that I will cherish it forever. If my experiences with QEM and NSF have taught me one thing, is to keep my head held high and always aim forward no matter how many obstacles or failures I face. I truly triumph to success this summer, especially this last week. The most difficult challenges I endured were to write my final report and deliver my presentation. I knew what I had accomplished over the summer but I didn't know how to clearly inform other people about it. With the help of my mentors, I was able to overcome these challenges and excel farther than I had anticipated. 

There I was, receiving my certification of completion from my internship director. Definitely one of my proudest moments in life. The hardest part was saying goodbye to everyone, it felt as if I had grown with them for such a long time. It was even more so emotional saying my farewells to my mentors. Although, they weren't truly "goodbyes", but rather "until next time" moments, knowing that we would all keep in touch for years to come. The internship might be over but there's more for me when I come back home. Until this day forward, I shall continue to adhere to concepts and ideals I learned this summer and strive towards achieving my life goals. As I mentioned before, this isn't the end, but the beginning. My blog will remain ongoing for those who wish to keep informed. And I suggest you do, because only exciting things await. 

Ciao for now!

Shaunette Bishop