Week 3 Blog Post

This week was quite the roller coaster! It began like a typical work week. I was continuing the groundwork for my project on Monday and Tuesday, using excel to analyze trends in some NSF data. Fun stuff for a mathematician like me.

The TDIS interns all attended a Networking workshop on Tuesday. Some found it very helpful and others found it redundant. I was more in the middle as I do know the basics to networking, so the information was nothing new to me personally, but the exercises we did were good practice in a welcoming environment.

And in the middle of the week we were introduced to our first rundown at the QEM Network office. Boy was that an evening. We learned about the intricacies of procrastination – a problem from which everyone suffers to some degree – and the differences in knowledge about mid-2000s trivia topics categorized in an outdated way. All in all it made for great team building and I am definitely looking forward to the next one. But hopefully during the next one, the AC could work.

We also attended the Tri-Caucus event at the Rayburn House Office building. Although there were many important speakers there, it was essentially a glorified mixer. Though I am not complaining because that had a great spread for all to indulge in. There were chicken parmesan sandwiches and fried shrimp. It was a very enjoyable evening littered with fellow interns to meet. Granted they were all political interns so finding common ground other than minority status was a bit difficult, but we at least all could relate in the new experience that is a DC internship.

This week was productive because I personally gained from the different exercises and events that occurred throughout the week outside of my project. As I make progress in my project, surely more of my updates will include more details about it. But until then, this week was nothing but work oriented and professional development, which I am always ready to improve.

Signing off.

Sergio A. Melendez

Shaunette Bishop