Week 4 Blog Post

This week was eventful! To start off, over the weekend a few friends of mine visited DC on vacation and we toured the town. We visited many places I had already seen, but this time around I made sure to capture the moments on camera.

Among our touring of the city, we also ventured to many places for food. It was another delicious weekend in DC. We visited Ben’s Chili Bowl which was delicious and messy. I was too eager to eat so the burger in my picture is incomplete. Chili on a burger is too good to wait for apparently.

We also visited Burger Tap and Shake which was another delicious burger place. We had Captain Cookie for dinner. They make their cookies in-house, and use them in their ice cream sandwiches, which are too much for a single person to have, so we split among three. We had poor diets that weekend, but it was their trip, so to each their own.


And to send them off, we ate at the renowned Founding Farmers. According to some list my friends referenced, it had the #2 chicken and waffles in the DC area. To that I say “blasphemy!” This place had life-changing chicken and waffles. If it’s #2, then I am afraid to try #1.

Then the work week proceeded. Which was typical work, but very productive. I met with my mentor Dr. Ron Buckmire – who is hardly in the office due to his traveling – to discuss the progress of the data analysis and my potential leads on code for text analysis and he was pleased to see the progress.

For our weekly rundown, Kendrick took us to a tech meet-up at a synagogue. It was interesting, I had never been to an event like that one. It was meant to promote tech start-ups and tech positions in DC. It was quite the welcoming community with many positions for those in the STEM field.

Immediately following the meeting, a few of the interns ventured to a southern Texas barbecue place called Hill Country Barbecue Market. The few of us from Texas wanted a little slice of home, and boy did it deliver. Delicious Texas barbecue up the wazoo. My pulled pork sandwich was overstuffed and big, much like everything in Texas.

And my week was finished off with more work on my research project. Nothing too out of the ordinary, though I am making strides in my knowledge of Python. I have finished two courses in the tutorial and have a better understanding of certain packages that are meant for text analysis. Dr. Alejandro de la Puente has been walking me through it.

This week has been eventful and productive. I hope that I have many more like it.

Signing off.

 Sergio A. Melendez

Shaunette Bishop