Week 8 Blog Post

Week 8 Blog Post

This past weekend was fantastic! My family apart from my brother came up to DC to visit. They were in the middle of a week-long road trip across the country that started in San Antonio. We spent the majority of our time downtown near the National Mall. By Sunday, they had left DC to head to Virginia Beach.

My work week started off with the usual. I worked at my desk per the norm and began work on my final report for the internship. I have written many reports before, but not having a rubric or any guidelines made the whole process difficult.

Wednesday was an exciting day. Not necessarily an interesting day at NSF, but the rundown/professional development held at QEM was different. Although was shorter than the usual weekly meetings, it was extended by an invitation to participate in trivia with Kendrick. I am a trivia enthusiast and felt that I was a vital member of the team throughout the evening at Stoney’s. There was even a category about one of my favorite TV shows, 30 Rock. Though we didn’t dominate like I thought we would – in fact, we were in the bottom quarter of the teams that night – I still enjoyed the challenge and the different trivia style that DC has for trivia.

Thursday, there was a potluck held at NSF that was organized by fellow interns. We were encouraged to bring a dish from our culture in order to expose others to the food from our upbringing. I didn’t have the means to make anything, nor the drive, so I went empty-handed and was still welcomed. I met many other interns that are not from HACU or QEM there. Though it would probably be the only time I would see them throughout this internship, it was still an entertaining lunch. I am glad that NSF hires such a varied group of interns, it shows that they embrace diversity.

That evening, there was a Celebrate Invention Event held at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) headquarters. The event consisted of a myriad of inventors who shared their stories of invention via presentation. I am not familiar with the association who organized the event, but I’m sure it was to welcome the inventors to the organization or something. Each of the presenters was given a pin at the end.

Throughout the event, my stomach was growling incessantly and Miranda, who was sitting next to me, was complaining of hunger as well. Once the event was over, we hoofed it to Hill Country Barbecue Market, a place we’ve visited before. It was delicious as usual.

This week has been busy at work as the internship is coming to an end. My mentors are sparsely in the office so communication is a bit staggered but tolerable. Next week will be a crunch and mostly focused on completing the report. I am actually looking forward to the challenge.

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