Week 9 Blog Post

This past week was full of events.

The weekend was uneventful. I finally had a weekend to take time off, but it was full of considerations for my final report. I eventually finished writing it throughout the week, because I made sure to take it easy over the weekend.

Tuesday was eventful in that NSF took us on a “tour” of the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine. We got to meet employees of the academies, but we were not given a proper tour of the facilities. We were given more of a tour of the employees there. They all had interesting stories that were somewhat relatable to our own, but the overall experience felt unfulfilling.

The following day we had another resume workshop. This one was a bit more insightful, but the overall information was not significantly new. I did get feedback on my resume though, which is a definite improvement from the last workshop we did earlier in the summer.

Finally, Friday was a great day that included an actual tour of facilities. We went to the Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center, an impressive facility filled with welcoming people. We received a tour of some displays in the building like the company’s most famous and influential projects as well as its history. We also received talks from employees of Lockheed Martin that had beginnings that were similar to many of the interns touring, which made the whole endeavor of gaining employment there seem possible.

Shaunette Bishop