Zina McGee, Ph.D

Zina McGee, Ph.D. is an Endowed University Professor of Sociology at Hampton University. Dr. McGee received the Bachelor of Arts and Master’s of Arts degrees in Sociology from the University of New Orleans and the Ph.D. in Sociology from Tulane University. She teaches research methods, statistics, and criminology in the Department of Sociology at Hampton University. Dr. McGee areas of specialization include juvenile delinquency, violent victimization among minority youth, and patterns of coping among women in prison. Her research examines the relationships between coping, adjustment outcome, including at-risk sexual behavior, and physical and psychological health in African American youth across a range of exposure to violence levels. She is a recipient of several research grants from the National Institute of Mental Health and has numerous publications. 

Dr. McGee is a Career Development Fellow at the National Consortium on Violence Research at Carnegie Mellon University and is currently serving on the Youth Safety Commission and the Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team in the City of Hampton. She was recently named Guest Editor of the Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice’s special issue on racial profiling and police brutality, and Guest Editor of the Youth Voice Journal’s special issue on mental health. Dr. McGee serves as a grant review consultant for the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and as an Advisory Group Member for the Virginia Commission on Youth. In 2012, Dr. McGee received the State Council for Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV) Outstanding Faculty Award (OFA). In 2013, she was named one of the Top 26 Women Professors in Virginia and received the President’s Ambassador Award for Excellence in 2012 and the Faculty Academic Excellence Award in 2016.